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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 8
by ProfNigma

For Sam, getting back to Spencer's camper was taking absolutely forever. Probably because she was in a dress, and if there was one thing that Sam hated being in, a dress ranked pretty high up there. They slipped away from dance without anyone taking notice, and neither really talked much on the way.

Finally reaching the vehicle, Sam vaulted in as soon as the door opened. Spencer was right behind, being careful not to push Sam in her current state... she seemed like she could go off at any moment.

Sam sat down in the back on what she could only guess was Spencer's current bed since he wasn't staying in the cabins. "So these are your digs, eh?"

"Yeah... just seemed simpler to sleep here, and no one ever really comes by to bother me."

"I'm not a bother, am I?"

"Oh no, kiddo. I meant like other campers or the staff or anyone. Just kinda peaceful." Spencer's mind drifted a few days back when he had that run in with the weird girl from that Hollywood school. "What have you guys been up to for the last few days?"

"Honestly, not much," Sam lied. But then, what could she even say to Spencer anyway. Yeah, I started seeing a guy and then realized I was in love with Freddie still so I've been an emotional wreck for nearly a week? There was no way she could really talk about everything.

"That's cool enough.... You comfortable? If you want to change out of that dress, I could grab you a t shirt and shorts. We are different sizes, but I think I might have some things."

"That'd be awesome actually... I hate dresses."

Spencer grabbed a suitcase and started cycling through it as Sam slipped her shoes off. By the time she had finished a shirt and shorts were thrown right at her. "Will those work?"

Sam looked at the orange t shirt that said "FLYING DUCKS MEET SNOW," which was kinda weird, but it wasn't much different than her usual t shirts. The dark green shorts were like running shorts, and she ran to the bathroom to change out.

It took Sam only a minute to change into Spencer's clothes, exiting the bathroom, and eliciting a nervous response from Spencer. While the shirt was certainly long enough, it was very... tight in the chest. And she didn't have a bra. Spencer tried not to look, not just because it was tight, but because it made her look seriously hot. And to look that hot and be his little sister's best friend was not the best combination for Spencer's brain.

Sam seemed oblivious to Spencer's looks and took a seat in the closest seat. "Man... feels good to get out of that dress."

"Yeah... the few times I had to wear a dress, it was not the most fun thing ever."

"Of course, and how many of those was because you had to impersonate my mom?"

"Three is the running number, I think."

The two laughed, and then sat in further silence for nearly a minute before Spencer broke it.

"You want some water?"

"Sure... actually was just thinking that I was thirsty."

"Groovy. Hope these are cold enough." Spencer grabbed a couple bottles of water from the back and threw one to her. Naturally, she caught it, but after one sip, she managed to drip some water down her shirt.

Spencer tried his best not to notice the water droplets becoming wet spots on her shirt, and it was indeed cold enough apparently, as her nipple hardening became pretty clear. Spencer's brain was on fire, as he tried not to look down.

Sam certainly didn't mean to dribble water, but she could see the effect of that action was having on Spencer. She'd never really been sexually attracted to her, but to see that someone did find her attractive made her feel a thousand times better.

"So... mind if I ask what's going on with you?"

"Honestly, its just stupid stuff. I just don't want to be around Freddie right now, and Carly is busy with her new friends, and this guy I was seeing kinda turned into a jerk."

"Yeah... that really sucks, kiddo. But at least we're all going home tomorrow." Spencer thought back to some of Carly's recent behavior changes, and while he didn't want to be nosy, he still wanted to dig into Carly's wherabouts. "So... these new friends of Carly's... are they good people?"

"Oh yeah... very nice, and I think she's very comfortable with them, and I think she'll really miss them, especially Cat, once we leave."

"Oh ok... not to pry, but is there anything more than 'friendship' going on with any of them?"

"Wow... that's kind of an awkward question, Spence... maybe. I don't really know." Sam lied. She wasn't sure what Carly had told him and given his questions, he apparently hadn't told her anything.

"Well, that doesn't exactly make me feel better. She was acting weird before the trip, and things haven't exactly been good since I burst in on her and, well, at the time, I thought it was you, but I guess it was your sister."

"Oh yeah... I had, um, heard about that that. I think I'm gonna try and get some sleep. Its been a hell of a day."

The conversation was getting to an awkward level, and so Sam decided to call it a night, and slid into a seat, and tried to go to sleep. Surprisingly, she slipped into sleep pretty quickly, leaving Spencer with his thoughts and worries to deal with.

* * *

Tori helped Beck to his cabin, as he was still recovering from that crazy blonde girl who just socked him as hard as possible. Tori couldn't imagine what would have possessed someone, especially someone he was dating, to just punch him like that. Maybe she's still not over him... that could be trouble. She already had Jade to watch out for, and now that she was out of the way, another crazy ex girlfriend pops up. Finally, she helped him to his bed and let him lay back.

"You ok?"

"Yeah..." he grunted, clearly not doing as well as he claimed.

"You're not having any internal bleeding or anything."

"Honestly, Tori... I'm not sure. Certainly hurts quite a bit."

"How's your face? I know the slap wasn't the bad part, but still looked like it hurt."

"Its fine... just burns a little bit. I think I just need some rest."

"Oh ok... well, I'll let you get to it. Sorry this kinda killed the night."

"Not so fast, Tori... I didn't say you had to leave... I just need some time to recover, and maybe I'll be up for dancing... Or other stuff."

Tori had no idea what he meant by that, but she certainly didn't want to leave him. That reluctance to leave intensified as Beck took his shirt off, revealing a white undershirt that was tight against his muscles, and he just looked insanely hot. She saw that the sweat from the pain had silhouetted his abs, making them look incredibly defined. Tori was nearly biting into her lower lip as she looked on, finally settling down onto Robbie's bed as he stretched out.

After a few moments of silence, Tori finally had to ask the burning question. "So, mind if I ask what that was about?"

"Yeah... I don't really know what prompted the violence, but we had a fight at the dance. She was pissed I didn't want to dance."

"But you danced with me without a problem?"

Beck just turned his head and looked at her, "Guess I was just waiting for the right dance partner."

Tori blushed a bit, as she brushed back her hair with her hand. "Well, was that all it was about?"

"Well, you know how things go... I dumped her and she just became a total bitch to me. Guess she figured I'd never dump her, even though I probably won't ever see her again. Suppose that's just how girls are."

"How some girls are," Tori corrected. "I couldn't imagine losing my cool like that... even with Trina, and God knows how much I want to strangle that girl sometimes."

"Fair enough." Beck turned his head back and closed his eyes, running has hand over his stomach again.

Tori got up to go the bathroom, but slipped on some of Robbie's clothes, sending her falling down onto the bed, her head barely dodging Beck's lower stomach, thanks to quick reflexes on the teen boy's part, and her head made contact with his thighs. More importantly, she felt the tip of something through his pants. After laying for only a second, she regained her composure, blushing heavily, and ran into the bathroom, finally saying "Sorry" Once she was inside and behind the closed door.

Beck wasn't hurt by the event, but he did find it incredibly funny, and the feeling of her head being right there at his crotch was definitely something he wanted to see again, under different circumstances, of course. Finally, he came up with an idea.

"Hey, when you come out, there's a thing of water bottles in there, could you grab one for me?"

"Sure," came Tori's voice from inside. A couple minutes later, the door opened, and Tori came out with the bottle, but as she handed it to him, Beck used both hands to pull her down almost on top of him, making sure to guard his stomach.

As Tori landed, Beck caught an image of her underwear in the room's mirror, and the view was fantastic.

"Beck! Why did you do that?"

"Can I pretend you just asked why I didn't do it sooner? I've been trying to make the move all night, but no luck so far. Feeling better about this time though."

Tori wanted to be upset, but she couldn't help but smile. She was certainly not immune to his flattery, and began to speak, when she felt him shift, and before she knew it, their lips had met once again.

Beck tasted Tori's mouth, and chuckled to himself that she had to know this was coming because her breath was really minty. Not like toothpaste, but that sweet mint you can't get enough of. Their kiss seemed to last forever, and he could feel her smiling beneath the kiss.

"That was... unexpected Beck... are you sure you're ok?"

"Honestly Tori," Beck said, tracing her body with his hands, and settling on her hips, "I've never felt better."

They kissed some more, when Tori once again pulled away.

"Sorry... its just... about the other day in the woods... things got really serious really fast and I did some really weird things and-"

"It's cool... I was there, remember? It was a lot of fun, but tonight, we are inside, in a bed together, and my head's pretty clear. I just want to be with you tonight."

Tori was smiling again, and then she reheard his words in her mind. "Just tonight?"

"Well, that's really what matters- the here and now. If its cool by you, we can make things official once we get back home, but let's take it one day at a time."

"Wow, that was the single most non-committal romantic statement I have ever heard. But maybe I'm just the kind of idiot who would fall for it."

Both of them laughed for a moment as they shifted to get more comfortable and began to deeply kiss once more. Moment by moment, Beck was shifting his body until he was on top of her. Tori would never admit it, but this was the hottest thing ever... she felt completely under his control, and he was such a hot and nice guy. He was being really sweet.

Her attraction to Beck only grew as he pulled back and pulled his undershirt off, revealing his chiseled features. Tori wanted to take something off as well, but she was really only wearing two pieces of clothing. It was like Beck read her mind as he slipped the straps off her shoulders and began to kiss her there.

Beck couldn't get over how good Tori tasted. He might have been wrong about her setting this up, as her whole body tasted vaguely of mint, and her bare skin especially had a flavor he hadn't imagined ever tasting on a person.

Goosebumps grew up and down Tori's petite arms and legs as she arched her back at the amazing feeling, which did not go unnoticed by Beck, increasing his romantic assault to sucking on her neck and collarbone more than just kissing.

Tori's body felt like it was going to catch fire. She felt like she was going to soak through her panties, and it was entirely Beck's doing. His assault on her neck ended and the two began to kiss deeply once again.

"Wow... just... wow... that was seriously amazing, Beck. That's literally the best make out session ever."

"Who said we were done? I just wanted to kiss your lips some more. And maybe I'll kiss your lips some more." Beck leaned in to kiss Tori, but pulled away at the last second, sliding his body down hers, until she felt him stop at her thighs. She felt his hands slide up and down her thighs, and he lightly kissed her.

Suddenly, she felt her lower half picked up and her panties ripped off in a swift motion. Tori gasped at the feeling of nakedness, but gasped for a very different reason as she felt his lips against her dripping womanhood. He softly began to kiss and suck on her pussy, taking a moment to let his sandpaper-y tongue hit her sensitive clit.

Tori arched her back in absolute ecstasy as his hands gripped her thighs tightly, her body screaming for more. She nearly cried out, but managed to cover her mouth with a pillow fast enough. It was barely enough to muffle her cries, as she was eaten out more intensely with every given moment.

"Beck!" Tori cried out, feeling like she was going to explode, and just as he slipped his finger inside her hood, she experienced her first real mind blowing orgasm, cumming hard against his mouth and fingers. Beck lapped up her juices and stood up, slipping his pants off, leaving him in his boxers, his erection hardly hidden.

Tori began to breathe normally again as she sat up to see the nearly naked Beck at the foot of the bed. She couldn't take her eyes off his member, which was pressed tightly against the boxer fabric.

"Beck... do you want me to do... that... too?" Tori knew what it was called, but she could never bring herself to use the words she needed to.

Beck found her načve language really sexy and tried not to smile too much at her, or show how excited he was at the prospect. Tori got on all fours like a tiger and began to move towards Beck's crotch. She took only a moment to pause and slip her dress over her head, which Beck happily assisted, moving towards her. As soon as her head was clear of the dress, Tori dove down, sliding his boxers off as she moved, impaling her mouth onto his engorged member.

Tori had already been with Beck in a way before, but his member seemed so much bigger now, though being so close to it probably made a big difference. Tori sucked on the head for a few moments, using her hand to stroke it a bit, just like she'd seen people do in those movies. Her tongue slid over the sensitive member, as she began to try and take more and more of him into her mouth.

Beck couldn't get over how hot and wet and tight Tori's mouth was, and while she knew she had never done anything like this before, it was very clear she had a natural gift for this kind of thing. Gently, Beck placed his hands on the brunette's head, not forcing her further onto him, but keeping her in place.

The feeling of his hands on her head, sent a feeling through Tori, who seemed to be really turned on when she was dominated. Tori began to create a pace and was now bobbing her head up and down on his cock, taking in a little more with each movement. She looked up at him and saw he was deeply smiling, and his head was rolled back, clearly enjoying himself.

Finally, she pulled back, gasping for air as she pulled from his now saliva coated member. Tori tried to crane her neck, freeing a cramp before going back to work, but Beck pushed her back onto the bed. The suave teen crawled over Tori, his hardened member sliding up her leg until it nestled between her legs, almost poking into her entrance. The feeling of it being so close was an incredible tease for the virgin teen, who was on the verge of not being one anymore.

Beck kissed Tori deeply, his hands still roaming her nubile body, until his thumbs swept over her nipples. His rough fingertips on her sensitive breasts, drove her wild, and she found herself moaning in pleasure before she even realized she was doing it. Her moaning went right into his mouth as they were connected, and with each shift of his body, his aching member pressed a little more against her wetness.

Tori looked up at Beck, and didn't say a word as her face became very serious. She just nodded to him, which was all the sign Beck needed as he pushed himself inside her until he felt some resistance. Beck began to ask her if she was sure when she gripped his arms and pushed herself into him, shattering her virgin barrier. Beck looked at her face, which was now wincing from the pain, but soon, she opened her eyes and smiled at him, signaling that she was ready.

Beck slowly entered her more, filling her up completely, almost to the point where Tori thought she was going to split in half. It was painful, no doubt, but it was also the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. Once he had put as much as possible into her tight love hole, Beck began to pull out, leaving Tori with a feeling of emptiness. Once he had almost completely pulled out, he pushed back into her, much quicker this time.

Tori tried to breathe as he re-entered her, her air getting caught as she experienced a building orgasm. Beck picked up the pace a bit more, thrusting in a bit faster and harder each time, until Tori's eyes began to nearly cross from the ecstasy. The pleasure had taken her body over completely as she orgasmed, her already tight pussy now becoming a vice for Beck's member, and then just went limp and allowed Beck to pound her.

It didn't take long after that for Beck to get close, and not knowing where Tori wanted him to go, he pulled out and sent strings of cum all over her breasts and stomach. The exhausted brunette swept up a handful of her lover's seed and drank it down. The flavor was very different than she had imagined, but it was definitely not unpleasant.

Beck collapsed onto his back next to Tori who was still recovering from her second orgasm. It was strange, Tori thought, she was so nervous about losing her virginity, and now she couldn't wait until Beck was inside her again. She relived every moment again in her mind, almost unsure if it really happened. When she felt a tingling desire for Beck again, she rolled over, but he was fast asleep.

Tori smiled, and shut her eyes and began to dream of all the possibilities that were in the future for her and Beck.

* * *

They were halfway into a third bottle of alcohol when Robbie came onto Trina, and he mustered up all of his courage for one quick act. Robbie got up, and moved over towards the one time annoying girl, and without hesitation, kissed her.

"What the fuck was that?" she screamed before he could even pull his head back.

"Sorry... I just... You looked really beautiful, and I really couldn't resist and-"

"Stop right there, weirdo..." Trina was annoyed by him, but she didn't hate how forward he was and she would never deny herself a chance at being flattered. "Say that part again about how beautiful I am."

"You're like gorgeous... especially tonight. You look amazing, and I just had to try and get close to you. You don't pass up the chance to kiss a goddess."

All that flattery took zero time getting to Trina's already swollen ego. "Well," she said, eyes narrowing and walking towards Robbie, "if you're going to kiss a... goddess... you should do something better than that."

Trina pulled Robbie towards her and kissed him, deeply, and he took little time to respond in kind, their tongues snaking into each other's mouths. Robbie's hands slid down her sides, almost reaching her ass before she swatted his hands away.

"Don't try that again. I didn't give you permission to do that. If I want you to fondle my perfect goddess ass, believe me, I'll tell you."

Robbie nodded and went back to kissing her, his hands remaining planted on her sides, pulling her close as they kissed. Trina would never admit it, but she really liked this. Robbie was a seriously good kisser, and secretly she wished he'd be more adventurous and touch her ass again despite being scolded.

As if he read her mind, his hands drifter to her lower back. Trina couldn't wait, and grabbed his hands and planted them firmly onto her ass before moving her hands into Robbie's curly hair, gripping it tight as they made out.

Trina pushed Robbie onto Tori's bed, so that they were now laying down, Trina on top of Robbie. Despite seeming kinda heavyset, Robbie couldn't believe how light she felt in his arms... maybe he really was getting stronger. Robbie's hand drifted up from her shapely ass to her incredibly full chest. Trina was about to swat his hand away from there, but damn, if it didn't feel really good to be touched like this. It had been forever it seemed since she made out with someone, and Robbie was surprisingly good if you could get over the fact that this was the same guy who had to use a puppet to interact with the real world.

Robbie broke from the kissing to kiss into her cleavage, her hand still massaging her breasts through her surprisingly thick dress. Trina really wanted him to go further, but she was torn about going this far with someone. Really what she wanted was for him to fuck her silly. She couldn't believe the thoughts she was having, but she was slowly giving in to them.

Trina slid the straps off her shoulders, revealing an area that Robbie wasted no time kissing all over, almost sucking on her collarbone. As her straps were pulled further down, her breasts became more revealed, until finally her nipples showed. Robbie dove his mouth onto her nipples, sucking on one as he massaged the other, and then switching. The feeling was amazing, and Trina rolled her head back in pleasure.

Trina pulled herself out of her stupor and pulled Robbie up enough so that she could pull his shirt off quickly and easily. Always the impatient one, Robbie was already sliding his pants off, revealing his underwear tent. She had to admit that he was a pretty good size for such a nerd. Her overactive imagination took over, as she fantasized about all the things he could do to her. But she was a virgin... she wouldn't really let him do all that, would she?

Robbie continued suckling on her easily D cup breasts as his free hand slid up her leg, his fingers gliding over her wet thong, and her very sensitive areas.

"I think you're enjoying this a lot more than you act, Trina?"

"What makes you say that?"

"I think your soaked underwear speaks for itself."

"Well... you're doing a really good job. Your goddess is pleased."

Robbie smiled at her, and then suddenly twisted so that he was on top of her. His body drifted down her, until she felt his hands on her feet. He began to massage her feet and kiss her really smooth legs, then her knees, then her thighs. The higher he went the slower he went, and the deeper he kissed. When he reached her inner thighs, she had to grab onto his hair to keep from arching her back too much.

He moved to his knees and pulled her body so that the lower half was hanging off the edge. Robbie moved his hand into her dress and pulled off her underwear slowly, throwing them into the corner, before moving his face onto her shaven opening.

Robbie called back all his history with this, especially with Cat and Carly, and pushed his tongue into her folds. The moment he made contact, Trina gripped his hair as hard as possible as her body began to arch. Robbie gripped her legs to hold her in place he penetrated her opening faster and deeper with each lick. Moving his hand to pull her lips apart, and expose her clit, Robbie went to work on it, his tongue sending insane waves of pleasure to Trina's brain, and before she even realized she spoke, she screamed something she never thought she would.

"Fuck the shit out of me Robbie!"

Even Robbie was shocked when she spoke, raising an eyebrow as he moved up to look her in the eye.

"Sorry... I don't know what came over me."

"Do you want that?" Robbie was very serious, sliding his hand over his mouth to wipe it.

"I... don't know. Yeah... I mean... if you want to."

"If I want to 'fuck the shit out of you?'" Robbie used air quotes, looking at Trina, the tenting in his boxers getting beyond ridiculous. "How could I say no?"

Trina was a virgin, but, and maybe this was the booze talking or how amazing Robbie was at this so far, she honestly couldn't think of a better time to lose her virginity. She swallowed deeply and thought this through, but she couldn't form a good response. She simply leaned in close to Robbie and kissed him. They locked eyes as she slipped her dress over her head, freeing her body completely, and then bent over, using her hands to spread her lips apart for his access.

Robbie was speechless. He thought he'd make out with Trina for a bit, but this was crazy. Robbie quickly threw his boxers to the side and gripped her sides as he pressed against her entrance, which was so wet that he was sliding inside her before he even realized it. He hit some resistance, but before Trina could tell him, he pushed through her hymen, and slid completely inside her.

Trina gasped at the feeling. She'd never felt so full. The pain had quickly subsided and now there was nothing but pleasure as Robbie pulled out of her before pushing back inside. He gripped her thighs tighter as he increased his speed and force, his balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her. Trina felt something building in her, and she began to say things that Robbie couldn't completely make out, but when he heard, he complied.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod... so full.... Fuck! Robbie!... Pull my hair and ride me!"

Robbie followed her instruction, taking a handful of her hair and pulling it back as he fucked her. Trina had never felt so powerless and she loved it. It seemed like the more aggressive Robbie got, the better it became. Robbie grabbed hold of her perfect tits as he pounded her harder and harder, squeezing and twisting the nipples as he went.

Trina was on the verge of a mind blowing orgasm, and just as she thought it could not get any better, Robbie let go of her hair and grabbed her arms, taking away all of her support. Using her arms like reins, Robbie increased his speed and force, causing her tits to bounce so much, they nearly hit her. Trina couldn't care though... her eyesight was being reduced to just white as she began shaking, the orgasm taking over, as her pussy tightened around his cock, almost milking it as she came hard, screaming out between breaths.

"Oh... Robbie..." she said as he slowed down a bit.

"I'm gonna cum, baby."

Trina pulled away from him and sunk to her knees, taking in his member in one swoop, the flavors of their juices all over it. She loved the taste, and began bobbing her head up and down on his cock, until finally, she felt his hands on the back of her head, pushing his dick into her throat, and within seconds, he shot what felt like a gallon of cum right into her mouth, sending what he could down her throat while the rest dribbled out of her mouth and onto her breasts. She swallowed all she could and scooped up the extra and licked her fingers clean.

"Trina... that was like the best thing ever."

"Yeah... well, it was pretty good." She sat quietly for a moment. "Oh, I'm so full of shit. That was the best sex ever. Hands down. And I have you to thank for that Robbie Shapiro." Trina got up and headed for the bathroom to clean up.

"Yeah... I guess so. So, does this mean-"

"Don't get ahead of yourself... maybe. You keep this up, and I'll definitely let you be my boyfriend."

Robbie was going to fight her on this, but he just shrugged and laughed, moving to the bathroom to get cleaned up with her. While watching her naked body saunter into the shower to get clean, he couldn't help but think, Eh, I'll take what I can get. He knew he made the right decision with Trina, and it became even more obvious, when she flexed her finger towards him, beckoning him for more interaction in the shower.

* * *

Freddie was acting noticeably different as he and Jade walked back to her cabin. She wanted to stay in his room, in case Cat showed up, but apparently his absent roommate was on his way back. He wasn't cold or cruel like Beck tended to be when he was in a funk, but he was clearly thinking about something, but he kept playing it off like it was just being tired.

Freddie dropped her off at her cabin, and was walking away when Jade stopped him in his tracks with a question.

"Are you going to at least kiss me goodbye before you dump me and go home and leave all this behind?"

He looked into her eyes, which were now welling up with tears, before she turned and ran into her cabin. He called out for her, but she wasn't coming back, so Freddie followed her into the cabin and found her sitting on the bed.

"I don't want it now that I had to ask for it."

"That's not why I came in, Jade."

"Oh really?" she said, resisting the sniffles.

"Look Jade... I don't know what the future holds for us, but I truly believe that tomorrow isn't going to be the end for us unless we let it. I'm sorry I was out of it tonight, but there's a lot on my mind."

"Well, why don't you share, and then maybe it won't be so bad."

"There's not a point Jade... its personal stuff and half of it involves us, so-"

"And the other half?"

"I won't lie to you... I've felt really torn lately about Sam... and I know you used to date the guy, but I don't think he's treating Sam right... and even if I'm not with her, I still care about her. And those feelings are kinda confusing."

"Yeah... confusing. That's the word." Jade said, her tears now becoming fuel for the anger that was building up inside her. "So, you're saying that this is all well and good, but you're going back to her?"

"No... Not what I plan. I just feel kinda torn, and I wonder if I'm being fair to you if I'm struggling with these feelings."

"Oh... so dumping me is for my benefit?"

"No, Jade... I'm not dumping you... I just don't feel right about being torn, and I feel like you are the one I want to be with, but if my mind isn't completely focused on you, that almost feels like cheating, right?"

Jade wanted to be mad at him, but he was being really genuine, which she couldn't help but swoon over his chivalry. "You don't have to cut me out... I don't blame you really for still caring about an ex... I guess I still care about Beck some, but time heals that wound, and I'd like for us to still be together. If you're torn, it's ok. If for no other reason that it gives me a chance to change your mind."

"So you're fine with me, despite my questionable feelings?"

"Fine is a weird word... I'm not happy that you're still into her, but I don't want to let you get away over something like that."

Freddie smiled at her and leaned in to kiss her cheek. Within seconds, Jade was beaming with her smile, happy that he was starting to act normal again.

"I'm really happy you came back and talked to me." Jade buried her head into his chest.

"And I'm really happy you wore that dress," he joked, looking down at her and kissing her head.

"Really?" Jade asked, over dramatically. "I'm not enjoying it at all... I'm thinking about taking it off."

"I don't hate this idea..." Freddie almost licked his lips at the anticipation of seeing her undress. He'd seen her naked so many times, but he never could get over how gorgeous she was.

Sadly, Jade denied his viewing as she went to the bathroom to change. Freddie threw his shirt and tie off and threw it on the ground next to a pile of clothes. He was halfway out of his pants when she came out in a towel, and grabbed the pile of clothes, including his and brought it into the bathroom.

"Jade... wait, that's-"

"You need to learn to be patient. I will be out in a minute, ok? Let me put some pj's on and I'll be right back to you."

Freddie shrugged and slipped off his pants, leaving a pair of large boxers, that looked more like sleep shorts than underwear.

Jade said something from behind the door about clothes that weren't hers, which he attributed to the fact he'd accidentally mixed some of his with hers. He knew he made the right accidental choice when the door opened up to reveal Jade, with her hair pulled back, wearing his button up shirt which was unbuttoned, revealing a bare torso underneath. His tie now dangled between her breasts, which were just hidden by the sides of the shirt. She wore no pants, but was wearing very lacey panties.

The goth teen sauntered over to Freddie slowly, but as soon as she got within touching distance, she pulled away, and beckoned him to stand up. Freddie did as he was told and took Jade's hand as she danced in his arms.

"We didn't get to dance much tonight, did we? I'm sorry."

"It's ok... you were kinda forced into it, and we got to dance to a few songs. Plus, it gave me some time to hang with Cat and Carly. Your friend is kinda cool, but she's also really plain. Pretty clear why you guys are just friends."

Freddie considered clarifying the truth... but kept it to himself. Right now, he just had one girl to think about. He kissed Jade softly and when she least expected it, dipped her, which elicited an excited scream.

As soon as she regained her composure, she playfully slapped his face and kissed him again. He pulled from the kiss and began to gently suckle on her neck and collarbone, sending waves of goosebumps down her whole body. As Freddie kissed, Jade gripped the back of his hair, his hair sliding through her fingers, as she moaned from his attention. The moment she felt his barely contained fabric erection slide across her thigh, she had to act.

Throwing Freddie down on her bed, while simultaneously pulling his boxers off, by the time he was on his back, he was completely nude, and seconds after that, he felt the familiar and amazing feeling of her tongue circling his member. Freddie reached down to her, but she swatted his hand away before starting to stroke his member while swirling her tongue over his cock head.

Freddie had never seen Jade so aggressive, but he loved it. He loved this even more when her lips parted and she began taking more of his member into her hot and extremely wet mouth. Freddie propped up on his shoulders and watched her head slowly go further down his cock, it sliding further into her throat as she looked up at him, her green eyes piercing his being.

Jade stopped her oral assault for a few moments and pulled off of him. Freddie watched as she coyly smiled before gripping her breasts and sandwiching his member between them. Her body was now shaking up and down as she stroked his member using just her flesh pillows. She soon lost her rhythm and went back to blowing Freddie, trying to take as much of him in as she could while she massaged his balls.

He lay back down, closing his eyes, as Jade began to bob her head faster and faster, building a steady sucking rhythm. When his hands drifted back to her head, holding her scalp while he began to buck his hips a bit, he pushed further into her throat, which she resisted at first, but then submitted completely.

It didn't take long at this pace before Freddie felt like he might explode, and he was barely able to warn Jade before he blew his load deep into her throat. She managed to swallow completely, only leaving a slight dribble from her lips as she looked up and smiled at him.

"Well, that certainly looked like fun," a voice said from the other side of the cracked bedroom door. As it opened, both Freddie and Jade were stunned at who was standing before them.

* * *

Sam woke up in a sweat and deep confusion as she looked around the camper, she slowly regained her composure. She looked over at the makeshift bed that Spencer was sprawled out on, snoring up a storm.

The blonde stretched out a bit and thought about everything that had happened over the course of the last couple weeks. First, she had made a move on Freddie, and then found out he had banged Carly out of nowhere, then she met Beck and fell hard for this crush, while the love of her life was falling under the spell of some witch girl. From there, things just escalated to a whole new level where she did something stupid for the chance to be with Freddie again... and while she eventually got her wish, it came at a serious price. Beck just lost all interest and moved onto a completely different girl. Sam began to ponder to herself if there was something wrong with her that would stop these guys from wanting to be with her. Freddie accepted her completely and she dumped him hardcore. She wondered what he was up to. Probably proposing to that gank, knowing my luck, she thought.

And now here I am, in my best friend's brother's camper, questioning what the hell is going on in my life, and feeling new levels of desperation. She looked over at Spencer, still fast asleep, and dirty thoughts began to cloud her mind. She tried to force them back, but the concept of a form of escape was too tempting for her.

Her mind made up, Sam walked to Spencer's bed and sat on the edge of his bed, sliding her sleep shorts off, leaving her in her panties and the oversized tshirt. She shook Spencer awake, swallowing deeply, as she began to make her move.

Once he was awake, she leaned down and kissed him deeply, which he started off giving into, but pushed away after a moment.

"Whoa! Sam! What the heck do you think you're doing?!"

"Calm down, Spence... I'm just really down and lonely, and I just need some escape from all this crap at the camp."

"Yeah... that's all well and good, Sam, but I'm Carly's brother. Not to mention like a decade older than you."

"I know... but I really can't take any more rejection. I need to do something that makes me feel like I'm in control of something. Plus, you're seriously hot. I promise, after tonight, we will never speak of this again."

"Sam... this is not a good idea... I know you have these feelings for me, but-"

"No feelings, Spencer. Really. This," she said pointing back and forth between them, "isn't real, but I just want to feel something."

Spencer started to speak, but he stopped and just stared at her, as if to figure out some sort of puzzle she was now made up of. Finally, he just threw his hands in the air, and said "Fine."

Sam took her cue and began kissing him deeply. In a reverse of the first kiss, Spencer was like a cold fish at first, but after a few seconds, he warmed up to her, slowly embracing her in his arms.

Spencer had felt really awkward about the weird girl who was in his trailer last week, but this was on a whole new level of wrong. Her kisses and exploring hands caused many of his doubts to cease, and before long, he had submitted to her completely.

The young blonde felt very weird about kissing Spencer, but it wasn't awful. He certainly didn't taste as good as Freddie or Beck, but he certainly felt more stable, like she would be protected if danger were ever to arise. Sam felt the tightness in her stomach disappearing as her nerves melted away as she gripped Spencer's abdomen while kissing him.

Their hands wandered each other's bodies, both actively touching everywhere they could, but still being cautious as this clearly crossed a delicate line. While she was certainly horny, Sam knew there was nothing romantic in what she was doing. She slid Spencer's shirt over his head and threw it aside, and after seeing how muscular he was, she started to lose her doubts.

Sam suddenly slammed Spencer to the bed and sat atop his midsection. Sliding back a bit she could feel his pretty impressive erection against her ass. She looked down at Spencer and knew that this was the point of no return- they could stop here, and things could possibly go back to normal, or they could keep going and endanger their friendship. Sam thought long and hard about this decision, which of course led her to thinking about the first time she was at this intersection with Freddie. This ended when her thoughts led her to imagine what he was doing right now- there was no question as to who he was with. The thought of Freddie with Jade sent her over the edge as she took a deep breath and began to push forward.

Spencer looked up at Sam, who seemed deep in thought, but before he could call this off, she just muttered a single word.


Sam pulled the shirt he'd given her over her head, throwing it on the floor, and for a second, Sam swore the wrinkled and crumpled shirt now read "FUCK ME NOW." She shook off the idea and peered down at Spencer, who was now glued to her breasts, his eyes wide at her impressive bust, and slowly his hands slid up her body to touch them.

Sam shuddered at Spencer's touch; it was not rough like she might have thought, but in fact, he was very soft and gentle with her. She wasn't sure if she liked it, but she certainly didn't hate it. Sam looked into Spencer's eyes as he began to deeply massage her D cup breasts, rolling her head back and grinding her hips on his, his erection now poking her in the back.

Sam closed her eyes, gathering her will, and moved her hand behind her until her hand was on his member. As her hand slipped into his boxers, she could feel that he was different than Beck and Freddie in that he was a bit longer, but not as wide. Sam bit her bottom lip seductively as she pulled out and began stroking his cock, earning a pleasured gasp from Spencer.

After she had mustered up enough courage, Sam shifted her weight so she could slide her panties off. Tossing them aside, she backed up onto it, and slowly lowered her body bit by bit as it penetrated her. It was definitely a different feeling than she was used to but it was still nice, hitting much deeper than the others had. Once Sam had taken nearly his entire length inside, she took a deep breath, and slowly began to ride him. She placed her hands on his abs to steady herself as she gyrated, trying to hit all the right spots she really needed hit.

"I don't mean to kill the moment, but I had always imagined you were still a... you know."

"Seriously Spence? Now? Fuck... no, Freddie and I... did it months ago."

"I knew it... I asked him-"

"Spencer, seriously, drop it."

He remained silent for a few moments, now moving his hips with hers which felt fantastic. But then, he had a puzzled look and killed the moment again.

"So if you're not... is Carly still...?"

"God-fucking-dammit, Spencer. You really want to know the answer to that?"

Spencer thought for a second, and then shook his head. "Guess you're right. Sorry."

"It's whatever... just keep doing that hip thing... feels awesome. And just don't talk."

Spencer did as he was told, and began meeting Sam's hips with his thrusts. The blonde was trying to imagine this situation being completely different, with a real bed and of course, she was with Freddie. Sam arched her back trying to get a better angle as she continued to ride slowly and forcefully.

Spencer looked up at Sam, who was now leaning back, allowing for the moonlight to hit her body just right, illuminating her beautiful chest. He tried desperately to not think about who this was that he was having sex with, trying to replace her with any of his previous partners, but he really couldn't. He would have probably stopped her here, if he hadn't been stopped short by her increased moaning.

"Oohhhh... Fre- Spencer, I'm cumming... please don't stop."

Just as she spoke, he felt a vice level of tightness, as her pussy squeezed his rod, sending the warning signals to his mind.

"Sam, I'm going to go too..."

"Ok," Sam climbed off of him and got in between his legs and began to stroke him, putting her mouth on just the tip of his member. It only took a few seconds for Spencer to shoot off inside her mouth, and after a few extra strokes, Sam was sure he was drained.

The two lay in the bed together, and Spencer tried to hold her, but Sam pulled away grabbing his shirt off the floor and throwing it, her panties, and the shorts back on before walking and sitting back down in her seat. A minute passed and Sam stood up and simply said, "Thanks" before walking off the camper and heading towards her cabin.

Spencer sat up in bed, now wide awake, in a complete wash of feelings, especially when it came to what just happened. It was just a dream, he thought. That's all this was, and it never happened; pure and simple. His denial story in place, Spencer was able to relax, and slip off to sleep fairly quickly.

* * *

Carly and Cat had barely gotten into the cabin when they heard movement from the bedroom. They only caught the last couple minutes of Jade and Freddie's act, but they were definitely enthralled. Carly became instantly wet, reminded of why she called Freddie whenever she needed a male partner. Cat couldn't take her eyes off Jade's beautiful face, and Freddie's member piercing her lips.

Never one to miss a chance to say something, Carly was the one that spoke. She opened the door slowly, revealing herself and Cat to Jade and Freddie who looked shocked, just as much as they were embarrassed.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" Jade screamed at the uninvited guests.

Cat flinched and backed up as Jade yelled, but her eyes were still affixed to how beautiful Jade was. She had no idea what came over her, but she just locked eyes with Jade and walked over to the goth teen, who was slowly rising from her knees. Cat bit her lip as she got closer and leaned in to kiss Jade right on her collarbone.

As she felt Cat's soft and sweet kisses on her chest, Jade's anger melted away, and her hands began to slide down Cat's shoulders, and before she even realized it, she was kissing Cat as well.

Carly stared at the even that was going on in front of her eyes. She had meant to kill the moment with Jade and Freddie, so they would leave and go to Freddie's cabin and leave this place for her and Cat, but this was something else entirely. Carly felt entranced as she watched Jade and Cat kiss, and looking over at Freddie, it was clear that he felt the same way. Carly never had the chance to see Jade in this light, and really, she couldn't help but be attracted to the pale girl. It took staring at her for a couple minutes to realize that she was wearing Freddie's shirt, and she found herself feeling jealous of him and the tie that was bisecting her amazing breasts.

Cat looked up slightly at Jade and smiled as she bit her lip, and slipped her dress off, as Jade touched and kissed her skin as it was slowly revealed, until Cat was left in just her panties. Jade couldn't get over how innocent, and yet seductive, Cat looked. Jade's hands encircled Cat's body, never breaking eye contact, except in kisses.

Freddie slid himself off the bed, anxious to get closer to the action, his mouth watering at the sight, and as his hands slipped inside his shirt and around Jade's waist, he found that he was also touching Cat. Before he even knew it, what began as two girls kissing, was now a Jade sandwich, as both Freddie and Cat were pressing into her.

Carly refused to just sit back and watch now, and she slipped her dress off as she walked, and she was completely nude by the team she got to Cat. She pressed her warm body against the fiery redhead's and gripped her torso, her fingers never touching, but teasing all along her abdomen.

The four were a mess of bodies, and somewhere in the body struggle, Freddie's shirt and tie disappeared from Jade's body, and there was a point that keeping track of who was touching who became almost impossible. Jade would kiss Cat, and then turn her head as Freddie would kiss her, his hands located firmly on her breasts, holding her in place as Cat began to lick Jade's bare skin as Carly's hands alternated between Cat and Jade, savoring the feel of both girls.

Jade was somewhat snapped out of the whole experience when she felt something poking her in the back, and it was no mystery what that was- Freddie was ready for action again. Jade ground her peach-like ass against his hardening member, sliding it between her cheeks. In one swift move, Jade shifted her body, sliding his cock into her opening. Jade was so wet that he slid right into her, and within moments they had developed a rhythm.

Jade began to moan into Cat's mouth, the redhead kissing Jade deeply as she was being pounded into. She felt her body shift as Freddie lifted Jade's leg to get a better angle. This move apparently worked well according the gasp and squeal that escaped Jade's mouth. Jade's pussy now exposed, Cat got on her knees and began to lick her opening. Her tongue sliding over her exposed clit just as much as Freddie's piston-ing member. Carly kissed the back of Cat's neck, touching herself with one hand as she slid her free hand to finger Cat as well.

Between Cat's mouth and Freddie's amazing member, Jade was on the verge of what could be the greatest orgasm of her life. With a resounding "FUCKKKK!" Jade spasmed and went limp, her nectar flowing out of her pussy, which Cat rapidly lapped up.

Freddie moved Jade's body to the bed and bent her over, but was stopped by Cat. He was upset that she had pushed him from Jade, thinking he shouldn't have to share her, but then she spoke.

"Freddie... I want you to fuck me."

Everyone, including Cat herself, seemed shocked by this statement.

Cat's hand moved to Freddie's hard member and stroked it slowly. "You're covered in Jade's sweet juices... and I'm in love with Jade. I... want Jade's juices pushed deep inside of me, where she could never truly go. I want you to make me a woman using Jade."

Freddie was really confused, but he was just as turned on, and he looked to Jade for the go ahead.

"If Cat wants that, than I guess I shouldn't stop her... I never knew you felt so strongly about this... about me, Cat."

Cat couldn't really find the words, but she just nodded towards Jade and looked to Freddie for his answer.

"Are you sure about this, Cat?" Freddie asked, wondering what was going through her mind.

"Very. Please make love to me."

Freddie took a deep breath and kneeled down as Cat bent over the bed. With easy access to her pussy, Freddie began to lick, and tasted how sweet Cat's pussy tasted. It might have been the best taste he'd ever found on a woman. She was incredibly sweet and almost fruity in her taste, and Freddie licked her until he was absolutely sure she was wet enough for him, then stood up behind her and lined himself up.

As he slowly pushed in, Cat wondered if she'd made a mistake. She felt like she was going be ripped in half. She'd never felt anything so big inside her before and he wasn't even halfway in. Freddie couldn't believe hot tight she was. She was maybe even tighter than Carly was when he first had sex with her. Cat's pussy muscles tightened more and more with every bit that went into her. Eventually, Freddie hit some resistance, which caused him to stop.

"Please... Freddie... just... do it. Quick," the petite redhead said, wincing at being so filled.

Freddie pushed through quickly, sending an enormous pain through Cat's body, elicitng a tear to well up in her eyes, but it all slipped away when she felt Freddie's complete member inside her as it began to slowly enter and exit her, no doubt leaving parts of Jade inside her.

Jade looked at the now smiling Cat, and then at her boyfriend who was deflowering her, and Jade felt so jealous that Freddie hadn't been the one to take her virginity. Jade slid onto the bed and began kissing Carly softly. Carly felt far more wild to Jade than Cat ever seemed. It made sense that the brunette web star was far more outgoing and it became abundantly clear, as their light kissing turned into very heavy petting, and within a minute or two, Jade was on her back as Carly slid her wet pussy against Jade's face. Jade forked her tongue deep into Carly, a girl she never felt any attraction to before this night, and now she felt like she was going to die if she didn't eat out Carly.

Cat looked up the bed to see Jade licking Carly deeply and bit her lip as her petite body was pushed forward by Freddie's thrusts. The redhead grabbed Jade's legs and tried to pull her body closer to Cat's mouth until finally, Jade's wet love hole was right at Cat's face. She had never felt a strong urge to lick a woman than right now. Freddie's thrusts sent Cat's face deeper into Jade's pussy.

Once Cat had begun ferociously eating Jade out, the four seemed like a well oiled machine, as Freddie gripped Cat's hips as he fucked her while Cat held herself on Jade's thighs, licking every sensitive spot she could between screams and moans from being punded, while Jade's moans from the oral assault added to the intense pleasure Carly was feeling as she kneaded Jade's supple breasts, lightly flicking her nipples.

Carly looked at Freddie's focused and aggressive facial expressions as he pounded into Cat, who looked like she was going to explode anytime.

"You getting close, Cat?"

"Yyyyyeeeeahhh... So close..." she said, muffled as she didn't want to stop her mouth's work on Jade.

"Mmmmm..." Carly worked to form a sentence as Jade managed to hit a really good spot. "Your girlfriend's mouth is fucking amazing, Freddie. She's getting me wetter and wetter. I might cum all over her face if she keeps it up. How about you, Freddie? Getting close to shooting your thick hot load from that amazing cock of yours deep inside Cat's tiny pussy?"

Freddie almost lost it right then and there. Carly knew he was sensitive to dirty talk, and somehow she knew all the right things to say to get him to go wild. It didn't help that Cat's already vice-like love hole was tightening around his cock, or that Jade's perfect breasts were bouncing with his thrusts through Cat.

Eventually, Cat came hard, and Freddie pulled out from her as she fell to her knees in front of him. Looking up at him with her still innocent looking eyes, that still looked like they were begging, and Freddie couldn't help himself.

"Please Freddie, paint me with your cum."

Cat barely had to reach and touch his member before her words sent him over the edge and he shot a load all over her face, which she licked up what she could.

As if she sensed that Freddie had cum, Jade moved off the bed and began licking up all that she could from Cat's face and chest, making sure to lick and suck on Cat's nipples as she devoured all she could. Jade then turned to Freddie and smiled slyly at him as she stood up and looked into his eyes. They didn't exchange any words for a while, just looking into each other's eyes, their hands wandering each others bodies. Freddie pulled her close and kissed her deeper than even he imagined he could.

When they separated, Jade looked down at Cat and immediately dropped to the floor and began licking up Cat's leaking pussy. Cat gasped loudly, as her eyes shot open at the intrusion of Jade's tongue, and within moments, Cat was gripping Jade's head, pushing her face further down into her pussy, as Jade's ass was in the air.

Carly watched all this, touching herself, until she saw that Freddie was coming over to her.

"I cannot thank you enough for coming over here tonight, Carly... This is incredible."

"You know, you could thank me by fucking the shit out of me again."

This comment caused Jade to suddenly rise up, locking her incredulous eyes with Freddie, as if to ask "Really?" to which Freddie just shrugged and mouthed the word "Sorry."

Jade went back to work and Freddie looked at Carly who winked at him.

"I'd like to Carly, but I'm kinda out of commission right now."

"Cat's pussy too much for wittle Fweddie?" Carly teased.

Freddie playfully punched her, and smiled.


"Carly moved up and moved her head by his ear and whispered into his ear.

"Was it better than mine? Was it as hot and tight as it was when you, and your massive cock, fucked me against the sink in the school's bathroom? How do you rank me on the list of girls' you've fucked? Do you jack off thinking about how you made me nearly pass out from pounding me so hard?"

Freddie's current lack of stamina was no match for Carly's ability to talk dirty, and his member was ready again. Carly stroked him a few times, getting a good feeling of him as she looked up with her hungry eyes. She quickly turned her body around and bent over for Freddie. Just as he entered her, she stopped him.


"What now, Carly?"

"Put me on the floor. I want you to pound me as hard as you can while I tongue fuck your girlfriend."

Freddie certainly wasn't going to argue and Carly got on her hands and knees on the floor as Freddie got on his behind her. Carly was so wet that Freddie had zero resistance as he pushed into his best friend.

Carly had forgotten how big he felt, even though they had only been together a few weeks earlier. She felt so full, her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head. She nearly forgot the whole purpose of being on the floor, until she saw Jade's pussy glistening. Carly dove her face deep inside the goth teen's opening, taking a moment to lick around her outer lips, before sticking her long tongue further inside her.

The wave of pleasure sent chills through Jade's body as she increased her speed and force, eating Cat out as well as she could. Jade took a moment every so often to look at Freddie's determined face as he pounded into the web star.

Once Carly had settled on her position with Jade, Freddie grabbed her hips and began entering and exiting her as fast and hard as possible. The force was so strong, it nearly pushed Cat backwards. Carly was being fucked stupid and could barely form a thought as she stopped licking Jade and just started whining, screaming, and moaning inside her.

The break from Carly's oral assault gave Jade a chance to really focus on Cat, knowing where all her best places were, and after inserting two fingers inside the redhead, Cat was on the verge of her second mind-blowing orgasm of the night. Jade sent her over the edge as she sucked on Cat's clit, running her tongue over it gently, and the shy girl came hard, nearly squirting on Jade before she fell backwards, gasping for breath.

Meanwhile, Freddie saw the effect the sex was having on Carly, and he felt a bit guilty and slowed down.

"Are you ok, Carly? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"Don't. Fucking. Stop." She muttered, taking deep breaths.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm not your fucking girlfriend. Stop being a pussy and fuck me!"

Freddie had never seen Carly so aggressive, but he complied, and grabbed Carly's hair, pulling her from Jade, and using one hand on her perfect as and one hand gripping her long dark hair, Freddie rode her as hard as he could.

"Yesyesyesyes... make me your personal fuck doll!"

Freddie could not have been more turned on as Carly screamed things out, and the weird thing was- he was getting into the role. Feeling her pussy begin to really tighten and constrict his cock he let go of her hair and grabbed her arms, leaving her powerless in his grasp. He fucked her hard and fast as her face became just a smile, eyes rolled back in her head.

"I'm cumming!" Carly cried out as Freddie felt her body shake as her orgasm took hold, and she went limp in his arms. He let her come down and let her go, pulling out of her. She barely had the strength to crawl over to Cat before she nearly passed out.

"C'mere baby." Freddie said, looking to Jade.

She offered her hand to him, which he grabbed and pulled her to him, eliciting a gasp from her as she felt his hardened cock against her stomach. Freddie stood her up while kissing her deeply then pushed her on the bed face up. Jade was shocked by forceful he was being, and she had to admit, she was getting turned on by it.

Freddie grabbed her legs and pulled her body to him until her body was at enough of an angle that he could put her legs on his shoulders. This lined her perfect hole up with his cock perfectly and he pushed inside her without any hesitation. It felt so good, Jade didn't even think about the fact her boyfriend had fucked two other people tonight. As Freddie mercilessly pushed in and out of her, Jade began to moan.

What really did a number on Jade was when Freddie would randomly kiss or slightly bite on her feet and lower legs. The feeling was amazing, despite being kinda painful. Freddie watched Jade's impressive breast bounce with every thrust, sometimes seeming like they might hit her, but it never happened. Jade reached up and scratched along Freddie's chest, almost drawing blood. This pain sent Freddie into overdrive as he pushed harder and faster than he had ever before.

"I'm close, baby."

"Me too, Jade. Where should I...?"

Jade bit her lip as she looked at him. "If you dare blow anywhere but deep inside me, I will punch you."

At the end of her sentence, Jade's eyes went wide as she felt her orgasm take hold. Her tightening pussy did the final number on the exhausted male, and he fired what felt like a quart of his seed deep inside Jade.

Freddie nearly collapsed on Jade, both smiling in exhaustion, rapidly falling asleep. At some point in the session, Carly and Cat had made it to Cat's bed and were spooning and fast asleep.

"Freddie..." Jade whispered, trying to stay awake to speak. "Tell me you love me."

"I love you, Jade." Freddie smiled at her.

Even after all this action, he had to admit that she never looked happier than she did when he said he loved her. He fell asleep before he could hear her response, but he felt pretty sure he knew what it was.


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