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iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 9
by ProfNigma

Tori Vega woke up from a really pleasant dream confused with a very bright sun in her eyes. After reeling back a bit from the blinding light, first she realized she was not in her cabin. This was soon followed by the revelation that she was not alone in this bed. As she turned over to see Beck, still passed out, she gasped a little. She honestly believed that last night was a dream, and as reality slowly crept into her mind, she felt really weird. She was no longer a virgin. And she lost it to the single hottest guy in school. Tori peeked under the sheets and looked at her body. She didn't look any different. She didn't feel any different either. Maybe this whole sex thing really wasn't a big deal after all.

Tori sat up in bed and immediately realized she was wrong. She felt a sharp pain or ache coming from her girl parts. A thousand ideas went into the teen's mind of all the things that might be wrong with her. She couldn't really ask any of her friends- she had never known any girls that had lost their virginities, except Jade, of course, but they would never have anything to do with one another. Tori rushed to the bathroom to check herself out, and realized she was just sore. Apparently, things were a lot rougher than she realized.

The younger Vega looked out into the room again, peering at the dead asleep Beck and considered getting back into bed with him, but right now, she really needed a shower. Beck may have been amazing, but she still felt kinda dirty.

As the hot water berated her tan skin, she began reliving the moments of the previous night over and over, feeling a tingling heat from between her legs. Looking around, she saw some Old Spice body wash, which was definitely Beck's as it was unquestionably his scent. She couldn't figure out which shampoo was his, but figured it wouldn't matter much if she got some of Robbie's. As the suds of Beck's scent cascaded down her figure, she began to touch herself, gripping the shower head for support. After pumping a finger inside herself, she was getting close when she heard a voice from behind her.

"You getting started without me?"

Tori gasped and squealed at once, which created an odd sound, and she looked embarrassed about everything.

"Sorry... you were sleeping, and I felt like getting washed up."

"So you were... getting dirty as you got clean?" Beck grabbed her rubbing hand and sucked on the tip of her finger. Even with the soapy taste, her wetness still tasted just as good. Dropping his boxers in a flash, he joined Tori in the shower and within seconds, being clean was the last thing on either of their minds.

* * *

Not everyone had such a happy morning, of course. In Sam's case, despite the fact that she hadn't had a drink since the hot tub, she felt seriously hung over. She stumbled her way to the bathroom, and stared at herself in the mirror for several minutes, like Tori, reliving the events of the last 24 hours, but with far fewer happy memories. She thought about having pointless sex with Spencer, and immediately retreated to heaving over the toilet. It wasn't even enjoyable... how could she even look at him again without feeling ashamed? Sam started to cry softly, wishing she would have just taken the shot with Freddie and said what she needed to say instead of just running away. Sam grabbed her phone and before she even realized she'd sent it, a text was delivered to Freddie that simply said:

-im still in love with you

As she started her shower, she undressed in front of the mirror, looking at her figure, wondering what was wrong with her. Freddie didn't want her, Beck didn't want her, and Spencer was only with her out of pity. Despite her body really only having few flaws, every one of them became magnified as she stared. Slipping into the shower, the water was as hot as it would go, nearly scalding her skin, but Sam still felt a bitter cold. After she had scrubbed her skin so hard it turned red, she stepped out of the shower, dried off and dressed.

Sam sat down on the bed, and checked her phone, but there were no calls or messages. She wrapped her arms around herself, for no other reason than to feel like someone was holding her. What she could really use was Freddie's arms to hold her tight. Hell, she'd even settle for Carly at this point.

As if someone heard her wish, there was someone at her door. She didn't have to even look up to know who it was.

"Gibby!" he called out, announcing his presence as always.

"Whoa... hey Gib. Where were you guys?"

"We got lost hunting Bigfoot, and once we saw that this hotel's digs were better than these old cabins, we just went for it."

"And didn't tell anyone?"

"Didn't really see the need to. And did you know Canada uses play money? I've been throwing this stuff around all trip."

"That's cool, I guess. You talk to any of the others?"

"Oh, that's what I meant to ask you... Freddie wasn't in our room, and I guess Carly's out too?"

Sam's stomach clinched tight at the thought of Freddie spending the night with Jade. Carly also being out didn't hurt as much, but it did nothing to stop her nagging loneliness.

"Yeah... I'm not sure where she is. She and Cat, the redhead from Hollywood Arts have been hanging around a lot. She may have stayed over there."

"Girls' sleepover, eh? Gibby... I will have to check that out."

"No, you won't." Sam grabbed his shoulder to stop him from interrupting her friends.

"Alright...You wanna go get some breakfast?"

Sam looked around, and realized staying in this room would only make her more depressed. Gibby wasn't really close with Sam, but she was really thankful he showed up when he did.

"Sure thing. Let me just grab my shoes."

* * *

Robbie woke up in a completely different kind of misery. He had never really gotten drunk before, and his excursion into the bottle last night was now coming back to seriously haunt him. As he opened his eyes to the painful brightness that was the sun, he realized his vision was somewhat blocked by a ton of hair. As he breathed in, the fruity smell that Trina had last night was being distorted by his hangover, as the scent now seemed sour. What was not sour however, was the feel of Trina's body in his arms. She was very warm and soft and reached around to her midsection he squeezed her a bit, fighting the hangover and happy he wasn't alone.

He began to think over how last night was like a storm of sex and surprises. First, he got drunk with Trina, then they lost their virginities together, then they had shower sex. He couldn't even remember making it to bed, so who knows what else could have happened in the night. Before he even realized it, he once again had a boner.

There are a lot of things that Trina was used to waking up to, but Robbie Shapiro's erect penis didn't crack to the top one thousand possibilities in her mind. She didn't hate it however... it meant he clearly liked what was in front of him. Truth be told, she was getting kind of moist herself. She had just woken up from a very satisfying dream, and despite Robbie being a nerd and a loser in the group, she had never been so turned on by a guy before. How is it he knew how to hit all her buttons?

Trina turned over to face Robbie, smiling at him, but as with most guys, as soon as her breasts came into view, they were all he could look at. Robbie's hands ran up her sides and eventually nestled onto the oldest Vega's impressive chest. His thumbs circled her nipples and he couldn't resist leaning in and taking each one into his mouth for a few moments. Trina reared her head back in ecstasy, putting her hand on his head. His tongue began to circle each one as his hands ran all over her body, paying special attention to her ass.

She had barely been awake for 10 minutes, but she was aching for him to make love to her again. She thought back to how good he felt inside her, and how surprisingly flexible he was when he fucked her in the shower. Trina pulled away from Robbie for only a moment before mounting the skinny teen, his member quickly sliding deep into her aching pussy.

Trina grinded her body as much as she could into his, making sure his cock hit every part of her that it could, especially her g-spot, which Robbie found surprisingly quick. Trina ran her fingers over Robbie's chest, almost scratching him, as she bounced and grinded on his member.

Robbie reached up and grabbed her breasts, which were too much for his hands, and began kneading them softly, leaning up every so often to suckle on them a bit.

Once Robbie's mouth made contact with her breasts, Trina felt the familiar warning that her body was approaching orgasm. She increased her pace, and stopped grinding, focusing only on bouncing on his hard cock, which sent her supple breasts all over the place. Before any of them knew it, Trina's pussy began to contract tightly, and a deep moan later, told Robbie that Trina was spent.

"Mmm... that was good baby. I really want you to come inside me, but I'm not on the pill yet. But maybe this will make up for it..."

Trina wasted no time, crawling off Robbie and spinning around so she could take his waiting member into her mouth, while her pussy was now just over Robbie's face. Not one to miss the chance to treat the woman who deflowered him, Robbie gripped her hips and ass, diving his tongue inside her. Her juices flowed from her delicious hole as Robbie tongued deep inside her. Trina's head began bobbing faster and harder than he could have imagined it could, and she was moaning louder and louder into as she went.

It didn't take long for Robbie to start feeling close, and he managed to warn her this time, yelling that he was going to cum. The yelling's vibration sent a wave of pleasure, and before she realized she did it, Trina was having another orgasm just as Robbie shot a plentiful load deep into her throat. The Vega sister swallowed every drop before collapsing backwards.

"Well... looks like we're going to need another shower..." Robbie said, laughing.

Trina laughed and moved back into her position in bed with him. Maybe dating the "puppet boy" wasn't such a bad thing after all.

* * *

Jade and Cat's cabin was an absolute mess- both in the sense of stuff being everywhere, and also in the flesh pile on one of the beds. At some point in the night, Carly and Cat had made their way to the other bed, joining Freddie and Jade, who were so wrapped up in each other, it was hard to see where one body ended and the other began. Jade was the first to awaken, the sweet smell of Cat's hair was deep in her nostrils. If it wasn't so fruity, she would have noticed the other smell first. As she moved the red hair from her face, she inhaled the smell of the room, she realized that this was the epitome of what sex smells like.

She considered moving, but she was pinned under Freddie's muscular frame and this was a place she really never wanted to leave. Reality dawned on her finally that this was really the last day. After today, things were going to change so much. No more Freddie. She wouldn't feel his arms around her, or see his smirk, or taste his skin, or feel his kisses on every inch of her body, or the feel of his other parts against her. Slowly, tears began to well up in the goth teen's eyes, and she knew she needed to get away before she really lost it... but the idea of pulling from his arms was too much to bear so she lay still in silence, the warm salty drips slipping slowly from her eyes.

She apparently sniffed too hard eventually as Cat began to move, turning her head so that was now facing Jade, seeing her obviously crying.

"Jade, what's wrong?" she whispered.

"Nothing... I'm just-"

She was stopped short as Freddie's arm shifted, sliding up her torso until it was inside the fold of her breasts. His grip then tightened, pulling Jade in tighter. It was the most magnificent torture Jade had ever experienced.

Finally, she looked back at Cat, whose sad puppy face never ceased to make her spill.

"I'm really gonna miss him," she said, sliding her hands up to her face to wipe the tears away.

"I know... I'm gonna miss Carly too... she really made me feel comfortable. But at least we'll have each other."

"Yeah, I guess so... but Beck will also be there. As well as Vega. Guess they will get together now. Another relationship that doesn't include me."

"Don't be such a downer Jade... we have a few hours. We should take advantage of them."

"I guess you're right. No reason to be sad until it's really over."

"Yay!" Cat sat up slightly, seeing Carly on the other side of Freddie, but the thing that caught her attention was Freddie's erection. It was massive. Even though she'd allowed him to make her a woman last night, she never realized that he was that big. "I see Freddie's having a good dream."

Jade looked over her shoulder and saw it and smiled. "Wish I could help him with that, but he's got me pretty tight here."

Cat smiled at Jade, and then leaned and kissed her lips deeply. Then Cat moved and Jade couldn't see her. From behind her, Jade felt a shift and managed to look over her shoulder to see Cat licking up his length.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Jade whispered.

"We kissed, so it's almost like you're doing it." She said weakly, wondering if she crossed a line.

Jade was going to argue, but Freddie held her even tighter, his hands now creeping up her breasts. "Go ahead..."

Cat followed Jade's permission and put the tip into her mouth. He could still taste a bit of Jade on him, and it was fantastic. After a few tries, the petite redhead managed to get over half his length into her mouth. Once she felt comfortable, she began bobbing her head up and down while stroking the base every so often.

Cat's eyes were closed, so she missed when another hand appeared on Freddie's base and began stroking it at a different pace than Cat's oral moves. When her mouth touched something that was not her hand, Cat's eyes shot open to see Carly giving her a sly look.

"I see you really couldn't get enough of Freddie..."

Cat tried to speak, but she was still blowing him, so it came out as a mumble. This could have also been attributed to Cat fingering herself as she sucked.

"Can't fault you for that. Ever since he fucked my ass one night, I have not been able to get him out of my mind. I used to think I could just call him and he'd come right then, but now I think if he asked, I'd let him fuck my brains out whenever he wanted. I would be his cum dumpster in a second."

Carly had no idea that Jade was awake or that she could hear every word, and while she felt something similar, she became very afraid of what could happen when he went home. Between Carly, who was almost an animal sexually at times, and Sam, who was in love with him, and was no doubt great at sex as well, Jade felt a deep fear welling up inside her. She would have freaked out and ran if she didn't hear something first.


Freddie was still fast asleep, but he was saying HER name while he getting this treatment... maybe he really did love her.

Carly continued her discussion with Cat. "So, you mind if I have some?"

Cat pulled herself off, with a resounding pop that woke up the sleeping male.

"What's going on?" he said, sitting up quickly, freeing Jade to move away and look at him.

Carly just smiled and dove her face onto his cock, taking as much into her throat as she could before coming back up and gasping for breath.

Freddie looked at Cat, one hand stroking him while the other hand was still pressing firmly into herself, then to Carly who was now bobbing her head up and down and massaging his balls, and then to Jade, who stared at him seductively before speaking.

"Good morning?"

Freddie just smiled, then looked at the other two girls before looking back at Jade.

"You ok with this?"

"Yeah, I guess... does it make you feel good?"

"Hmm...Cat, Carly. I really appreciate this wakeup call definitely. But this is my last day with Jade, and I think she deserves my undivided attention, you know?"

Cat looked a bit sad, and moved away, as did Carly, before making a sneer towards the goth teen.

"Wait Freddie... they do deserve something for coming up with that wakeup call, don't you agree?"

Cat and Carly spun back around, and simultaneously tried to pierce their faces with his cock. Switching mouths every fifteen seconds or so, the girls alternated on his member while Jade made out with her boyfriend. With all this going on, it didn't take Freddie much longer to get close, and when he announced it, Carly was in the "driver's seat."

Jade thought about the web star sneering at her, and quickly came up with her revenge. As she bobbed her head, waiting for his load, when Freddie fired the first shot, Jade pushed her head down, forcing more of Freddie's cock than she had ever gotten down into Carly's throat, never breaking eye contact with him as she bit her lip the more she pressed Carly's head down, sending what seemed like a gallon of cum right into her throat, before she gagged a bit. As the messy load was now pouring from Carly's gasping mouth, Cat licked all over his member cleaning it before making out with Carly, licking up and drinking as much cum as she could.

Jade looked at the two girls, seemingly sated finally. Freddie was hers now, no more interruptions.

"You enjoy that, baby?"

"Oh yeah, Jade... can't think of a better way to wake up." Freddie looked at her slyly, "Unless, of course, you were there too."

Jade chuckled, "Oh, you're too cute." She then looked over at Carly and Cat, who were lost in each other's mouths. "You two need to get the fuck out. Now. I've got some shit to do. Like... getting fucked on every surface of this room."

"Duty calls." Freddie laughed and shrugged, wrapping his arms around his beautiful girlfriend before picking her up and taking her to the shower and shutting the door.

There was a slight pause as Cat and Carly stood up, and a few seconds later, the door opened, and Jade poked her head out.

"Ok... maybe you don't have to disappear at this exact moment. You have until he gets hard again."

The girls laughed as Jade stepped out, kissing Cat's lips, tasting Freddie's delicious jizz, and offered a hug to Carly, but the web star took it a step further and stuck two fingers inside Jade when she went for the hug. Cat kissed her again, and before any of them knew it, all three began to worship each other's bodies.

Freddie watched this sight for several minutes, and looking down, realized it was time he rescued Jade. He did have... things... to do, after all.

* * *

Tori was slowly making her way back to her cabin, wearing some of Beck's clothes over her dress, feeling embarrassed that she spent the night with him without a change of clothes. She hated leaving him, but he was packing up, and she needed to do the same. As she walked, she thought about how things would be different when they all got back home. She imagined her and Beck in her room together, the two of them rolling around in that trailer of his, and sneaking in closets at school like she saw him doing with Jade.

Oh man, she thought. Jade. She may have given Tori the go ahead, but things could be very different once Jade's new boyfriend stops being around. Taking a deep breath, the Latina teen realized that it really didn't matter. Beck was hers now.

When she finally made it to her cabin, she tried to slip in as quiet as possible, afraid that she might wake Trina even though it was late in the morning. Hearing the shower going, all effort to silence her presence ceased, and she slipped in and quickly changed into some clothes of her own. Once her clothes were put away, she moved into the incredibly steamed up bathroom and started to gather stuff in there.

"Hey Trina... mind grabbing all the soap and shampoo and stuff from in there when you get done?"


Tori stared at the shower, wondering about how odd her response was.

"You have a good night last night?"

"Oooohhh yeah..." came her voice, almost sing song-y.

Tori couldn't help but giggle at how weird her sister was being. The younger Vega moved towards the shower door, and was just about to open the door and make fun of her when she was shocked and recoiled.

Trina's tan body, specifically her chest, was pressed up against the glass while a thinner and a far more pale set of hands were placed above her. Tori backed out of the bathroom slowly as the sounds her sister was making got louder and louder. Tori looked around the room, and her eyes widened when she saw the mound of guy's clothes by her sister's bed.

It didn't take a detective to figure out who was in the shower with Trina, but the real questions was more in the how or why range. Robbie and Trina? Who'd have thought? She knew Robbie had had a crush on her since they met, but, as far as Tori knew, he had never shown a bit of interest in Trina. And Trina openly mocked poor Robbie whenever she got the chance. Tori wracked her brain, trying to come up with what could have caused this to happen.

And that's when Tori found the cooler full of alcohol.

"Huh... Yeah..." Tori said to herself, "that would do the trick."

* * *

Before making it to breakfast, Sam and Gibby ran into Spencer. He looked Sam over, and it was obvious she'd been crying and he started to ask if she was ok, but decided against it. There was no point in denying the awkwardness in this meeting, Spencer thought, but there was no reason to mention anything about last night, especially not in front of Gibby. The three friends walked towards the Mess Hall, Spencer and Sam never saying a word to each other, while Gibby talked nonstop to each.

"So then that crazy teacher guy said he knew the scent of a Bigfoot, and I just had to follow. I mean, how often do you get to see something like that?"

"Never, Gibby. Because it isn't real." Sam muttered.

"Well, we never saw him, but I believe he's out there."

"Probably hiding out with the beav-coon..." Spencer said, thinking back to the adventure they all had hunting both of those creatures.

Sam shot Spencer a look, but looked away as soon as he made eye contact. As she looked away, she saw Beck's cabin and starting thinking about him again, and the way he treated her. Just before turning back towards Spencer and Gibby, she saw his door open and that Tori chick walk out from there. Sam went from feeling depressed to pure anger.

This emotional pattern followed for a while longer until they reached the door. As Gibby walked through, Spencer shut the door, leaving Sam and him outside.

"Sam, we need to talk about last night."

"I thought I made it clear that I didn't ever want to talk about it. It was completely wrong, and a total mistake. Why can't we just leave it at that?"

"Because, even if we don't talk about what happened, I still care about you like a sister-"

"A sister you had sex with."

"As you said, it was a mistake. I wasn't thinking when I agreed. My point is that I do care about you and I'm worried about you."

"I'm fine. I'm just ready to get home."

"Alright then... but if you ever want to talk, I'm here."

"Given that it's hard for me to look at you without hating myself, I will probably never take you up on that... but thanks."

"Fair enough... now let's get to lunch before Gibby gets suspicious."

The two walked through the Mess Hall doors to join their friend, though neither was very hungry anymore.

* * *

"Freddie! Are you ok?!"

Jade was trying to stand in the shower after she and Freddie fell. They were nearing the hour-long mark of their "sexfest," when he slipped in the shower, toppling them over. Jade was okay- Freddie had managed to take the force of the fall and saved her from hitting the ground by holding her. However, Freddie was not okay in the least.

His fall caused the weight of their bodies to break the glass of the shower, cutting his back up a bit. Also, Jade's full weight landing right on his leg was too much and he had no doubt that it was broken.

The hot water was aimed directly at his face, which Jade managed to turn off as she tried to help him up, but he was just too heavy. She began to slowly cry, scared of what to do, and while she didn't want to be caught doing something, she knew Freddie needed help and she had no idea who to call.

"Babe... grab my phone and call Spencer. He may know some first aid, and he's probably strong enough to carry me if need be."

Jade wiped her tears away and ran into the room searching Freddie's pants for his pear phone. Finally, finding it, a text message was on the screen from his ex. She stared daggers at the message, looked over at Freddie, lying on his back in pain, and quickly deleted it before scrolling to find Spencer's contact info.

A few rings later, and a voice picked up.

"S'up Freddie?"

"Is this Spencer?" She asked hurriedly.

"Umm... yeah. Who is this?"

"This is Freddie's... umm... friend, Jade. Freddie's hurt pretty bad, and I think he might need some help. He said you'd know what to do."

"Oh man... I'll be right over."

"Wait... he's in my cabin... Cabin 8."

"Oh ok... Well, I'm in the mess hall so I'll be there in a couple minutes."

Jade shut the phone, grabbed some of their clothes and rushed back to Freddie. Quickly dressing herself, and trying to slip some boxers on the injured teen, Jade tried to make it seem like a real mistake and leave no trace of what actually happened. Jade started crying again, worrying about Freddie's condition.

"You just had to try that stupid porn move... now look at you."

"It's just as much your fault," he grinned through the obvious pain, "maybe you shouldn't have inspired me so much to try it."

Jade attempted to punch his arm, but pulled away at the last second, forgetting all about the state he was in. She was so in love with him, she couldn't stand it. And seeing him like this made it 1000x worse. She leaned in and kissed his forehead, trying to keep him still. Jade was about to kiss his lips, when she heard a door burst open followed by a voice.

"Back away from Freddie, gank."

* * *

Spencer put his phone away, and started getting ready to go when Sam stopped him and asked what was going on.

"Not really sure. Apparently Freddie's in some trouble and needs help."

"Well, what the fuck are we waiting for? Let's go help him. Where is he?"

Spencer was shocked at how active she was all of a sudden. "Umm... he's in Cabin 8, I think?"

"Alright, let's... wait... you said Cabin 8?"

"Yeah..." Spencer realized too late the impact that information had.

"That fucking gank... This is her fault. I can feel it."

"Who are you talking about, Sam?" Gibby asked through a mouthful of food.

"Oh... nobody. Just this girl that's creepy and crazy for Freddie."

"Oh ok... I'll stay here. You guys go."

Sam didn't need to be told twice as she scarfed down as much as she could before dumping the remainder off and heading out the door, Spencer right behind her.

"Hold up, kiddo."

"What is it now Spencer? We need to go rescue Freddie from that crazy bitch."

"Sam... for one thing, calm down. For another, she's the one that called me from his phone. I think he's really hurt. And if we're talking honestly, I don't think you'd be much help, given how angry you are right now, as well as how complicated all your feelings with Freddie are. Don't you think you showing up would have some negative consequences?"

"Maybe for her."

Before Spencer could respond, Sam took off running and try as he might to catch up, she was a few seconds ahead of him. He shamed himself a bit for checking out her ass as she ran. By the time he'd reached the cabin, he could hear the catfight inside.

* * *

"I said 'Back. Away. From. Freddie. Gank.'"

He's my boyfriend, I love him, and he's hurt. What the fuck are you doing here? We called Carly's brother."

"I'm here." Spencer said, jogging to Freddie's side. "What happened, bud?"

"I slipped in the shower." As Freddie regaled a fake version of the event, Spencer looked over Freddie's body, instantly figuring out what happened after just seeing that the two of them were wet. Meanwhile, Jade and Sam never broke eye contact, just staring into each other, perhaps trying to make each other's head explode. "And that's pretty much it."

"Well, Freddie, I gotta tell you... I know that's not what really happened, but we don't need to talk about it. Looks like you got some cuts from the glass, but all the wounds seem pretty clean, with no glass in them. I'm more worried about the leg. I'm pretty sure it's broken, but we can have the camp doctor take a look at it."

"Are you happy?" Sam said through gritted teeth. "You nearly fuckin' killed him."

"Of course I'm not happy. But at least Freddie's still happy. Can you imagine how miserable he'd be if this happened while he was still with you. I'd rather be put down."

"That can be arranged, bitch."

"GIRLS!" Everyone looked to Freddie, whose outburst scared them. "Stop it. Can you two stop fighting long enough to help me into some clothes. Spencer, can you go get the nurse or doctor or whatever, or find a way to get me over to them?"

Sam started walking out the door, "Don't worry, I'll get you some help. I can't stay in this room for another second."

As Sam walked out, Jade grabbed some of Freddie's assorted clothes that had been lost while they spent so much time together each night. Piecing together an outfit, she and Spencer helped dress Freddie, doing their best not to touch his leg. They had just gotten Freddie dressed and laid down when Sam returned with a wheelchair.

"This should work. I told them you were on the way. Let's go."

Freddie knew she was upset, but he'd never seen Sam so... cold before. "Thanks, Sam." Freddie was going to add something to that, but he felt saying how great of a friend she is was not going to help her feel any better.

"Yeah. Whatever. I'm out." And once again, Sam was out the door.

Unfazed by her exit, Spencer helped Freddie into the chair. "You picked a really bad time to hurt yourself... we gotta get on the road soon, man."

"I know Spencer. It's not like I planned for this to happen."

"I guess not. Let's get you to that doc."

"Hang on... Jade, can you do me a favor?"

"Sure babe... what's up?"

"Mind packing up as much of my stuff as you can. I'm sure Gibby will help you if you run by there. Not sure if you met him. He's... well, he's Gibby."

"That doesn't sound ominous at all..." she smiled at him, clearly upset just as much by Sam as the incident itself.

You're the best, beautiful," Freddie said as Spencer wheeled him out.

Jade watched on for a couple minutes before a text from her phone snapped her out of it. It was from Cat. They were leaving in 20 minutes. Jade's heart sank as she picked up as much as she could from the room, the realization that this moment might be the last time she'd see Freddie for who knows how long.

* * *

By the time Tori had started packing, her sister and Robbie had finished whatever they were doing, and Tori would never ask about it. Robbie avoided her gaze as he emerged from the bathroom, gathering his clothes and heading out the door, finally saying "Bye" once he was just about to close it. Trina was far less modest as she came out, almost with a proud look on her face, watching closely as Robbie gathered his belongings, and began bragging as soon as he was gone.

"So last night was pretty great for me, in case you didn't know."

"Yeah, Trina... I caught that. In more ways than I'm really comfortable with. What happened to you not being interested in, and I quote, 'puppet boy?'"

"Well, you know how things are..." Trina took a look at Tori and shrugged, "Well, maybe you don't know, but Robbie and I just... clicked last night. And again this morning. And then again-"

"God, Trina... I get it. I really don't need to know that about you two. Robbie is a friend of mine, after all."

"And now he's my special friend, so stop being jealous. He's taken now."

"I'm not jealous! I have no reason to be now that I'm seeing..." Tori caught herself almost giving away what she did the night before, though it wasn't like Trina wasn't aware that she spent the night out of the cabin.

"Ooooh, Tori... who are you seeing? I noticed you didn't come in til this morning. You have to tell me everything!"

The youngest Vega thought really hard about sharing the information with Trina. But if she couldn't trust her sister, who could she trust?

"Fine. I spent the night with Beck, not that it's any of your business. We're kinda dating I guess."

"Well, that's cool. Beck's like the hottest guy in school, so good luck hanging onto that once he's got all those other girls all over him."

Tori was so happy Trina didn't ask the question she feared her sister was going to, but her words did leave a bit of a stain. Cut off from everything else, they seemed to click perfectly... but when they got back to school, what was going to happen? Would they have to hide their relationship? Would he be more interested in more talented or prettier girls? And then there's the Northridge girls who were just... well, they were Northridge girls; that pretty much covers it. Tori's mind raced with fears and hopes flashing back and forth. She was so caught up that she didn't hear Trina ask a question.

"So...Did you fuck him?"

The f word snapped Tori from her trance. "Yeah... I mean, no... well, I-"

"That pretty much answers my question, Tori. I guess we all can't be in adult relationships... but don't worry, sis... you'll get there eventually." Trina patted Tori on the shoulder before resuming packing up.

Tori considered responding and correcting her sister's assumption, but maybe this wasn't the best time. Whether Trina realized the truth or not, what happened between her and Beck last night was a really big deal. She felt... different. More grown up for sure, but still ashamed a bit by what she'd done. She didn't regret giving herself to Beck, but she did wonder if she should have done it so quickly.

Trina finished packing her bags in a matter of minutes and was out the door, no doubt in the effort to be the first to have her luggage onboard the trailer. As Tori finished packing her bags, she checked the bathroom for anything she might have left behind, and caught a glance of herself in the mirror. Tori stared at her reflection for several seconds, wondering if she looked any different now.

Looking over the counter, she spotted a necklace with a cross on it that she'd gotten at a church function years ago. As she reached for it, the sinful concept of what she'd done hit her like a ton of bricks. The guilt was so sudden and powerful that she turned away, leaving the necklace behind as she gather her bags and headed out the door, her stomach in tight knots.

Victoria Vega was no longer a virgin, but she was not an adult yet either- she was in a strange limbo between child and woman, and it was possibly the worst place, physical or metaphorical, the good Catholic Latina had ever been.

* * *

Speaking of bad places, Freddie was finding out how painful glass can be once it's embedded in the skin. The nurse taking care of him certainly had nothing in the area of bedside manner, and try as he might to get some conversation going as she worked to fix him up, she remained fairly silent except to tell him to stop moving or to turn. He really wished Jade was still around. As weird as it seemed to miss someone so much after only knowing them for a week or two, it seemed even weirder to think that he wouldn't really see her much anymore.

The nurse did what she could as she wrapped the leg up and advised him not to put any weight on it if possible until he got to an actual doctor back home. Turning away from the suffering teen, she grabbed her coat and announced that she was going home, leaving Freddie on his back, to wonder if another nurse was going to show up as he stared at the ceiling.

"Can't you give me anything for the pain?"

The nurse walked back in and gave him a look before rolling her eyes and turning towards a cabinet. A twist of a key later, she tossed a bottle of Vicodin onto his chest.

"So... are these like a 'one a day' or 'take as needed' type of-"

"Do whatever. Just go fuckin' nuts kid... I don't really care. I should already be home by now." She locked the cabinet behind her and walked out the door again, this time for good. As Freddie struggled to get up, he decided to take one of the pills, hoping that it might make this manageable for the long trip home. Just as he swallowed, there was a knock on the door to his room.

Freddie looked up to see Jade, now dressed in a V neck black shirt, as always creating a wondrous canvas for her cleavage, and a pair of jeans. She dropped off his bag and looked at him, the tears gathering at the corner of her eyes, eagerly awaiting their release.

"Here's your, um, stuff. Your weird friend helped me pack all of it. He was... unique." She smiled a bit as she said the word, and, after seeing him smile, began laughing as she fought her tears back. "You ok?"

"Yeah... Nurse Ratchet taped me up real good."

"A 'Cuckoo Nest' reference? Why Mr. Benson, you're just full of surprises..."

Freddie fought to get to his feet, balancing entirely on one leg as Jade rushed to steady him, relishing the feeling of his strong arms around her once more. She felt a chill, followed by goosebumps, as he pulled his arm back to sit down in the wheel chair, leaving Jade standing alone, staring at him.

She could see that he clearly, even in all his pain, could not take his eyes off her chest. A quick adjustment showed off a bit more of her chest; Freddie nearly fell over trying to get close to them. Jade took a knee and looked him in the eyes.

"It's going to be ok, baby... I wish I could be around to play nurse for you, but I guess this is the moment we've been dreading since we met."

"I've been too crazy about you to dread anything... but this is pretty messed up. We need to set up a Pear chat, so we can talk to each other whenever. Not the same, but I guess until we can work something out, this is the best we can do. Not that I'm in any shape to do much of anything."

Jade laughed a little, wiping her eyes, feeling a tear escape. "You will be eventually. And the day you get your cast off, you and I are going to have to make up for all our lost time today and every day until then. Because I have so many-"

"You fuckin' lovebirds wanna wrap it up? We gotta get going."

Neither Freddie nor Jade had to look to see that it was Sam. Jade looked over at the angry blonde and staunchly put up her index finger, then looked Freddie in the eyes, and leaned him and kissed him harder and more passionately than she'd ever kissed anyone. The hot streams of tears were now pouring down her face and onto his. After finally breaking the kiss, Jade and Freddie both mouthed "I love you" before she stood back up and headed for the door. He was almost out, when the craziest urge hit her.

Jade tapped Sam on the shoulder and asked to speak to her outside. Sam was clearly annoyed, and eagerly awaited being as far away as possible from Jade.


"Look, I know there's some serious bad blood between us, especially when it comes to Freddie. I know he really cares about you, and he's really hurting-"

"Because you did that to him."

"Maybe... my point is- I just wanted to say sorry for being so... me, and that I hope we can eventually be friends, with or without Freddie. Just promise me you'll take care of him and won't take advantage of him."

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Sam muttered before turning back around, but looked over her shoulder before going back in the medical cabin. "I guess you're alright."

"Fair enough. I guess I will see you later." Jade regretted trying to talk to her, but maybe her words would make a difference. After Sam was back with Freddie, Jade headed towards the camper they had all ridden up in.

As the last person aboard, Jade had to find room for her bags and plopped down between Cat and Robbie. As she looked around the cabin, she thought over all the crazy stuff that happened over the course of the trip, but nothing could top what she had found during her vacation. She looked out the window to barely see Sam pushing Freddie's chair towards their camper before the camp and the love of her life slipped completely out of view.

* * *

Freddie hated to see Jade go, and while he knew that this was eventually going to end sometime, it didn't make it any easier when it happened. He knew how Sam felt about him, and that his choice to be with Jade did not go over well, but the way she seemed was very unsettling. She helped him into the camper, grudgingly, but at least he didn't feel completely alone.

As he hopped through the small aisle of the camper, he got a very sympathetic look from Carly, and a befuddled look from Gibby. No surprise there, of course. He settled into a seat, putting his leg up on the neighboring seat, and finally relaxed for the first time since he woke up. Apparently, those pills picked the perfect time to kick in, as he felt a feeling of overwhelming euphoria overtake him.

Sam desperately didn't want to leave Freddie's side after she put his bags in the back, but all she could think about was him being with Jade, which filled her with so much bitterness, she knew she couldn't sit back there. So, now here she was in the passenger seat with Spencer, another person she really didn't want to see or talk to, but the lesser of two evils for sure.

The blonde refused to make eye contact with Spencer as she settled in, trying to find a comfortable way to sleep so she could get away from all this. Spencer knew that something was seriously wrong with Sam but he had no idea how to fix it, and blamed himself for allowing the previous night to happen.

"I'm sorry." He said, starting the vehicle.

"For what?" she muttered.

"You know. Last night."

"I said we would never talk about it again. Fuuuuuuuuck..." she groaned, wondering if she made the right choice staying up front.

"I know... I can just see you're upset, and I wanted you to know that I was sorry."

"Sorry you slept with your sister's best friend? Or sorry that it was me?"

"Both... neither... it doesn't matter. I'm almost ten years older than you. Nothing about it was right and I should have never let it even come close to happening."

"I kinda forced you into, I guess."

"You didn't though... in that moment, I was in the wrong state of mind, and it was vile and cheap... and just plain wrong. And for allowing that to happen, I'm sorry."

"Whatever... its fine. It happened. I'll be over this whole fuckin' trip eventually."

Spencer wanted to continue talking to her, but she was now curled up with her eyes tightly shut, clearly not wanting to be bothered, so he let it slide.

* * *

In the back, Carly was dialed into her pear pod, listening to music, and thinking over the trip. She felt like she made a real friend in Cat, and Jade was... interesting. Robbie seemed kinda cool, and while she wished she had spent a bit more time with Tori, Carly was happy to have dodge a lot of the drama that seemed to swallow everyone else. Well, except Gibby, but that was just a given. What blew her mind more than anything was what happened the night before. How could she just throw herself into sleeping with Freddie again? And two other people. Essentially, twice. And the things that came out of her mouth... they were shameful. It was almost like an intense addiction. Anytime she felt remotely aroused, she just had to have it right then. She wondered if there was any weight to what Cat had gotten upset about the other day. Was she really this bad influence pushy sex tornado?

She looked over at the injured Freddie, passed out completely. She thought back to the time he saved her from being hit by a car and took the hit himself. She fell head over heels for him right then, but even though he was in love with her, he still kept a level head with the whole thing. She could never have done that with the way she was feeling these days. Just looking at him now brought back a lot of other shameful memories they had shared, and she had to turn back around before it got overwhelming.

She really didn't have anyone to talk to about any of this. She couldn't very well talk to Freddie, and she really couldn't talk to Sam, given her current emotional state. She couldn't talk to her brother for a variety of reasons, nor could she talk to the girl she sort of considered her girlfriend, Melanie. And she couldn't talk to Gibby because they weren't really that close and... well, he's Gibby. She tried to get comfy in the seat, praying that she could get to sleep before the really weird thoughts took hold.

Though, as her eyes closed and her mind began to drift, she found herself reliving moments from the last twenty-four hours in her mind, and she knew she was getting turned on. She tried to think about Freddie being in pain to ease it, and managed to get to sleep. Barely twenty minutes later, her thoughts had turned into this "naughty nurse" fantasy, taking care of her injured friend. It obviously said a lot about Carly as a person and the way her brain worked, but as guilty and bad as she felt when conscious, during her fantasies, she certainly didn't hate things.

* * *

Further down the highway, the Hollywood Arts students were crammed into the trailer they were riding in. Much like their Seattle based counterparts, most sat around without saying much to each other. It had clearly been an exhausting trip for all involved.

Sikowitz was driving, of course, and currently Beck was sitting up in the cab, which made Tori a bit sad, but given the breakdown she feared she was having, maybe it was for the best that he didn't see her like this. She looked over at her sister doing her best to hide the fact that she was holding Robbie's hand. Tori wondered how long that would last, but at least they had each other and they seemed pretty happy. Cat had her earphones in, listening to some sort of boy band as she drew hearts on her feet. Then there was Jade.

Tori had seen Jade in a variety of states, including twice involving being dumped by Beck, but she had never seen jade look so miserable and sad. Her eyes were red and puffy, clearly from crying, and she was just staring out the window.

The youngest Vega took a deep breath and moved to the other side of the vehicle next to Jade.

"You ok?"

"I look ok, Vega?"

"Not really... but, I just wanted to check on you. Would you like to talk a-"

"No... I don't. Just leave me alone. I don't need anyone's help... especially not yours."

"Oh ok... I was hoping were getting to be good enough friends that we could stop this fighting we do."

Jade stared daggers into Tori, before looking down and twisting her mouth, clearly deep in thought. "I guess you might be right," she mumbled. "I guess we are friends... but don't read too much into this. Seriously though, I don't want to talk right now." Jade began looking out the window again, losing all focus on anything Tori said. "Maybe another time."

Tori knew she wasn't going to get a much better response than this, so she should just take what she can get. Tori started to get up, when she felt a hand on her arm. Looking back at Jade, the goth teen instantly pulled her arm back.

"You don't have to go, I guess. Maybe I'll open up. Or maybe I'll stab you... its one of those anything can happen days, I guess." Jade could really be disturbing at times.

Tori sat back down with Jade and stared out the window with her. It might have been 5 minutes, or 50 minutes, given how time seemed to be really weird when travelling, but at some point, Jade's head dropped onto Tori's shoulder.

And truth be told, Tori didn't hate it.

* * *

Compared to the exciting trip they had going up, the trip home was relatively uneventful. Spencer considered looking Rebecca up on the way back, but under the circumstances, it seemed like a bad idea. He looked over at Sam who was deeply passed out, but looked really uncomfortable. He shook her awake and told her to go sleep in the back, and send Carly up. The half asleep blonde did as she was told, and switched places with Carly, who was happy to have her brother around to distract her from all the crazy thoughts in her head.

Passing Gibby, who was snoring very loudly, Sam looked at Freddie, sprawled out on the seat, very deep in his sleep, thanks to the drugs probably. Parts of her ached to slide into the seat with him and cuddle with him and take care of him, but the nausea from the idea was just overwhelming. So she settled into the seat and quickly fell back asleep, her dreams sure to be filled with amalgamations of her current issues.

It was hours later before Freddie woke up again, feeling really groggy and confused. Due to this state, he completely forgot his leg issues and put pressure on it, sending volts of incredible pain through his body, causing a yell to escape his lips, waking up both Gibby and Sam. After being thoroughly embarrassed by his own stupidity, Freddie lay back down and fell back asleep. Gibby followed suit and was snoring within minutes.

Sam, on the other hand, could not go back to sleep to save her life. She looked up in time to see that they were almost into Seattle, which was nice. Sam could not wait to be as far away from everyone as possible.

An hour later, she got her wish, and as soon as her stuff was unloaded, she headed off to her house where apparently Melanie was waiting up for her. Freddie didn't even have a chance to say bye as he took a great deal of time to safely get off the camper. Of course, his mother was right there to get his stuff and whisk him away to dote on him for who knows how long.

Gibby left next, his mom and brother arriving to take him home. She and Spencer exchanged glances for a moment before they sped off leaving the siblings to grab their bags and head towards their apartment.

Carly couldn't believe how long it was taking to get up to her room so she could pass out in her own bed and be free of all the drama that seemed to be raining down on everyone recently. Even Spencer was acting weird today. Carly tried not to worry too much about it, and she barely made it to her bed before passing out completely.

* * *

Well, that's the end. I thank everyone who stuck with the story, and I'm considering writing another part to this story after this if anyone shows the interest.


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