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ICarly: iCreamquick (mf,f-solo,oral,first)
by Manasses

Carly and Freddie were sitting around in the iCarly studio, bored out of their minds, wondering what to do. Lately Carly had been experiencing feelings of desire in her crotch region. Sam had told her she was horny and needed to have sex. Carly wasn't sure what to do so she decided to try sex with Freddie. He would be her first. She felt safe with him and knew she could control any situation that arose with him.

Carly rose up from the couch they were sitting on and told Freddie she had to go to the bathroom. Freddie watched her tight little ass in the denim skirt as she left the room. Freddie had wanted to fuck Carly ever since they became teenagers. Every time he looked at her, his six inch cock got hard as a rock. He was so into her, he jerked off thinking of her and smelling a pair of panties he had stole from her hamper.

While in the bathroom. Carly took off her panties rubbed her cunt lips and was thinking of how it would feel to have her pussy fucked. She lost track time from the intense feelings of playing with her clit when she heard Freddie yelled, "Did you get lost in there?" She got her composure back, headed back in the studio, sat down beside Freddie spread her legs a couple of inches giving him a little view of her tight honey hole. Freddie was confused with this because Carly has never been this open about anything.

She smiled spreading her legs more and told Freddie to touch her wet pussy. Freddie looked at her and said, "Are you serious I have wanting to fuck you since I have known you."

"Shut up," she said as she grabbed his hand guided it up her skirt to her pussy and kissed him.

Freddie was in heaven as he ran his finger up and down her moist slit. His finger touched her clit making her jerk as she got turned on more. He stuck his finger tip in her virgin cunt not wanting to pop her cherry and rubbed her clit causing Carly to moan and hunch his hand. Freddie rubbed her pussy faster pulling his finger back and forth on her clit bringing her close to an orgasm. The more he rubbed the more excited she felt.

She let out a low moan then a loud squeal as she tensed and shuttered drenching his hand with her love nectar. He tried to bring his hand up to taste her pussy juices but she had a vise grip with her legs preventing him from removing it from her cunt. After a few minutes, her legs relaxed allowing him to bring his cum soaked hand to his mouth and tasting the nectar of life: Carly's cum.

Now was the time to get Freddie ready for her initiation to womanhood, she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time. She had never sucked a cock, but she could not resist the urge after he got her off. She bent over enjoying the sight and smell of his manhood thinking how it would taste. As she put the head in her mouth, she rubbed his sac. In was only seconds before she felt his cock expand and blow his hot cum in her mouth and on her face as she pulled her face back. He had shot his cum in her mouth, on her face, blouse, hair and some on the couch.

Carly looked at him with cum on her face and said, "Shit, Freddie what happened."

He smiled, "Got too excited."

She grabbed his cock and stroked it making hard again and he shot his load again within seconds. She looked at him and yelled, "Fuck, Freddie, just go home! I am going to call Sam and get over here with strap-on. I am going to loose my cherry one way or another!"


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