iCarly: iWant Some Pleasure (ff)
by MysteryStoryteller

One day Carly, the star of her very own web show, was sitting on her couch in her apartment, which she shares with her brother Spencer. She was sitting there with her best friend in the world, a cute blonde haired girl named Sam, who is the co-host of the web show "iCarly." Also there was Freddie who was the technical producer of the show.

They were all sitting around thinking of ideas of what to do on their next show when Freddie had a great idea. He said to the girls, "Hey girls, I just had a great idea for the next web show. I gotta go, ok. Just don't worry about the web show. Just make sure you stay here until the show later on and leave the rest to me."

He said goodbye and left the apartment in a hurry leaving behind his technical equipment such as the camera. The girls didn't think much of it but little did they know the camera was actually recording every second they were sitting there and this was all part of Freddie's master plan.

"What do you think Dorkzilla's great idea is? Probably something geeky like; technical stuff or his mum checking him for ticks. Hahaha!" Sam said.

"I don't know, but it better be good, because we need more viewers to watch our show. Oh well, we got 3 hours until the show. Wanna watch some tv?" Carly said.

"Sure, what's on?" Sam said.

"I don't know... Oh my god! I forgot. Did you see Bobby in class today? He is so hot. I would let him do anything to me. I mean anything!" Carly said while getting flushed just thinking about her crush.

"Oh, totally! He is so cute, but do you know who I think is totally sexy? Spencer, oh god!" Sam said starting to feel horny.

"Ewww, that's gross, Sam! He's my brother!" Carly said disgusted.

"So what! He is so hot. I sometimes think about what he would look like naked. I bet he has a massive penis," Sam said getting more worked up.

"Even though this is gross I have seen it before and it is pretty big. He was sitting on the toilet and he was moving his fist up and down really fast. I didn't know what he was doing, but anyway I have never seen another one before, so I wouldn't know if its normal size or big," Carly said awkwedly

"Still I would love to mount his dick and slide my body up and down his hot meat stick until he brings my tight little body to a shuddering orgasm and then he could spurt his hot love juice into my waiting mouth. Oh how fucking hot that would be, I'm getting so horny right now!" Sam said starting to get really hot and horny.

"Sam, have you ever had one before?" Carly asked shyly.

"One what?" Sam questioned.

"An orgasm! Have you ever had one before?" Carly asked again.

"Of course and what you haven't had one?" Sam asked.

"Well, you know I'm still a virgin so of course I haven't had one, but who did you lose your virginity too?" Carly questioned.

"What are you talking bout I'm still a virgin you can still have an orgasm while your still a virgin," Sam said.

"What, how?" Carly asked inquisitively.

"What, you don't know? So you have never tried masturbating before?" Sam said.

"No, I haven't ... so how do you do it?" Carly said embarrassed.

"Well, its really easy and it is so much fun. It will make you feel so good. Do you want me to teach you?" Sam asked starting to get excited.

"Well, I guess if it is as good as you say it is. What do I have to do?" Carly said.

"Well, first go lock the door," Sam told Carly.

So Carly did as she was told and then returned to the couch getting more and more excited by the second. "What now?" Carly said anxiously.

"Well, now take off your clothes," Sam said secretly wanting to see her best friend naked.

"What? I don't feel comfortable doing that, but maybe if you get naked as well could you do that for me?" Carly questioned.

"I guess if you feel better that way," Sam said trying to hold back her excitement at getting her long time dream of seeing Carly in her 'birthday suit.'

"Ok, on 3 well start 1...2...3," Carly said and they suddenly both stood up and they both removed their shirts first revealing their training bras.

Their breasts weren't big enough to need a real bra yet. They were just starting to develop. Now they both pulled off their training bras revealing their small tits. They were a little bit smaller than an orange. Both Carly's and Sam's breasts were supple and perky, but Sam had small nipples were as Carly had slightly larger nipples.

Sam could feel herself getting wetter as she stared at her friends tiny little breasts. She couldn't wait until she was naked. Carly, too, was getting hot just looking at another girl's breasts, let alone those breasts belonging to her best friend.

They both then started to remove their pants. It seemed to go on forever, but eventually they were both standing there in just their underwear. Sam started to check out her friend in her little girl panties. Oh boy, did she look hot! Sam couldn't wait to see what she looked like completely naked.

Carly was feeling the Same way Sam did. Then she noticed Sam was wearing a g-string. It was the first one Carly had ever seen and she loved the look of it. She wanted one now. "Where and when did you get that g-string?" Carly asked.

"Oh, I saw it in a store once and decided I liked it. I tried it on and loved the way it felt riding up my ass, so I decided to steal it and I wear it almost all the time," Sam said.

"Oh, you're such a bad girl," Carly said.

Now they started to remove their underwear very slowly each of them not paying attention to what they were doing, but concentrating on their best friend just waiting until they uncovered their most sacred of all places. Finally they had both taken off their underwear and they stepped out of them, they both stood their as naked as the day they were born. Both in a world of their own completely focused on the other vagina.

"Ok, Sam, what do I do now?" Carly asked.

"Oh well, how about we both sit down on the couch and I will show you what to do and then you can just follow my lead, ok?" Sam said.

"Ok, I guess I'm just a little nervous," Carly said.

"Don't worry Carly. After this you will thank me so much for teaching you this and you will want to do this everyday. That's how good it feels," Sam said.

They both moved over to the couch and sat down never once taking their eyes off of each other.

"Ok, just do what I do," Sam said. Sam started to slide her hand down her body slowly until she finally reached her tight, teen, virgin, bald pussy. Then she started slowly and gently caressing the outside of her pussy lips with her fingers with so much tenderness. Sam begin to get caught up in the moment and closed her eyes totally forgetting that she was teaching her friend Carly, who was sitting right next to her watching and observing every moment and waiting for her turn. Sam continued to gently rub her outer lips with one hand then using the other hand, she started to massage her small teen titties, as every moment passed by both the girls in the room were getting more and more horny as the smell of teen pussy filled the air in the apartment.

Sam got more worked up because she started to see a vision of her best friend Carly naked and masturbating in front of her. She loved the sight of it. It was the most sexually arousing thing she has ever seen, so she decided to start inserting some fingers into her wet pussy to fulfill her sexual desire. She started with one finger and started to move it in and out slowly. Then eventually she started adding more fingers one by one until she had four fingers pumping in and out of her sweet pussy. Then using her thumb she started to massage her clit while she continued to pump her fingers into her snatch.

Sam was finger fucking herself so hard and fast her hand looked like a blur. She was experiencing so much pleasure she started moaning completely unaware of Carly. "OHHHHH OH MY GOD! OH FUCK YEAHH! THAT'S HOW I LIKE IT! OHHHHH CARLY YEHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

She was in a trance pumping almost her whole fist in and out of her tight snatch at almost light speed. Then she had the best orgasms of her whole life. All of her teen sex juices flowed out onto the couch. Sam brought her hand up to her nose and smelt it then put it into her mouth and sucked all of her juices off of it. She loved the way her pussy juices smelt and tasted. She then opened her eyes and she was brought back to the real world. "Oh, sorry Carly. I totally forgot about you. Did you see what I did?" Sam said.

"Yeah, sure Sam, but why did you call out my name?" Carly asked.

"Oh yeah, I was kind of seeing you naked when I closed my eyes and it really got me aroused. You don't mind do you?" Sam asked.

"No, it's cool. I'm gonna start now," Carly said. So she started to carress her bare pussy lips with grace and she loved the feeling. It was the best she has ever felt so she started to rub harder and faster until she was in bliss. Then she decided to follow Sam's lead and started to insert some fingers into her pussy. She got two in there and that felt great, so she decided to stay at two pumping in and out as fast as she could go. She wished she could feel like this forever. With her other finger she licked her thumb and index finger and started to pinch her nipples making the stick out. She loved to massage her breasts seeing as though they were so tender because they were still growing. She felt so good right now. Sam sat there still massaging her pussy because the sight of Carly masturbating right in front of her was so fucking hot she couldn't control her horniness.

Sam then got a great idea. She loved the way her pussy juices tasted so she thought maybe Carly's tasted nice, too, so she got up the courage and got on her knees in front of Carly her head inches away from her friends teen pussy. Then she grabbed Carly's hand and pulled her fingers out of her pussy.

"Hey, what did you do that for? I was feeling so fuckin' good!" Carly said.

Sam was gonna answer, but rather than speak she thought she would show her. She got her face closer and closer to Carly tight snatch and stuck her tongue out and took one long lick of Carly's pussy and she loved the taste, so she took another.

"Ohhh, Sam, that feels soooo good! Keep going. Lick more up the top," Carly moaned, so Sam did as she was told and gently flicked her tongue across Carly's love button. Carly started to massage her tits and and lift her hips and started to grind her pussy into Sam's face, which Sam loved. Sam then put her hands under Carly's ass to lift it up more towards herself.

Sam was really going at Carly's pussy now. She started darting her tongue in and out up and down going crazy. She pulled her tongue out and started giving Carly's pussy long slow licks up and down. Sam accidently licked Carly's tight puckered little asshole and Carly loved the feeling.

"Oh, Sam! Ohhhh, yeah! That felt great. Can you lick my ass again?" Carly said.

So Sam started licking Carly's ass and her pussy at the same time. Carly was in her own version of heaven. Then Sam sucked her index finger and resumed licking Carly's pussy paying close attention to her clit. Then with her saliva coated finger she started to insert it slowly into Carly tight puckered anus and started to slide it in and out and Carly loved it. She was going so crazy at the feeling of Sam's tongue licking away at her pussy and her finger sliding in and out of her tight little asshole. Carly was feeling something she had ever felt before.

"OOOOHHHH SAM! YEAH RIGHT THERE! QUICKER! DON'T STOP! OH MY GOD! I THINK I'M GONNA PEE!" Carly moaned in pure ecstasy because she was experiencing her first orgasm. She flooded Sam's mouth with her sweat pussy juices and Sam gulped down all that she could with some flowing out the sides of her mouth, coating her lips and chin.

Carly was breathing real heavily by now with her eyes closed. She couldn't believe how great she felt. She never knew there could be a feeling that good. She felt so weak, but at the same time, so fantastic. She opened her eyes and looked down at her best friend, who was smiling back at her and her face was glistening with Carly's pussy juice. "Sorry, Sam. I didn't know I was gonna pee I'm so sorry," Carly apologized.

"No, Carly you didn't pee. That was you sex juice and it tastes great!" Sam said.

"Really!?" Carly asked.

"Yeah, here try," Sam said and moved up Carly's body to her face and gave her a huge French kiss. Carly tasted her own pussy juice and she loved it. She had been kissed by a guy before but kissing Sam just felt better. She felt more gentle and caring.

After they broke the kiss Carly started to lick Sam's face to clean up all the pussy juice. "I loved the taste of pussy juice and I wanna say, Sam, thanks for this. This has been the best day of my life. I never thought I would be ok to do these things with another girl, but you are so caring and gentle I love you, Sam," Carly said.

"Thanks, Carly. This has been great and I love you, too," Sam said then they hugged each other.

"We definitely have to do this again, like probably every day, cause I loved it. Aand by the way I loved when you licked and fingered my ass it was great. You should try it and when we do this again we should continue to learn new things yeah," Carly said.

"Ok Carly, I would love to have my ass played with but we will have to do it next time cause the show starts in 15 minutes. We have to get cleaned up and dressed," Sam said.

So the got up washed up and got dressed.

They were sitting on the couch when Freddie came in.

"Finally, Freddie! The show starts in 2 minutes and you haven't told us what were doing, so hurry up and spill, nerd boy!" Sam said.

"Don't worry. So have you two had a good afternoon, what did you get up too?" Freddie asked.

Sam and Carly looked at each other and both said together, "Not much. You know girl things."

"Oh ok, so for the show just introduce yourselves. I'll tell you what to do and we can take it from there, ok" Freddie said.

"Ok, but it better be good," Carly said.

They all stood up. Freddie went to grab his camera, stopped the recording and saved the video to his computer.

"Ok we start in 5...4...3...2...1 and go!" Freddie said.

"Hey, I'm Carly and this is Sam!" Carly said.

"...and we are millionaires!" Sam said.

"No, were not, Sam," Carly said.

"Oh, I better cancel that car I just ordered," Sam said. She pressed a button and fake laughs sounded.

"Ok, for todays show... Well, actually we don't know what we are doing today. Our technical producer Freddie set up today's show. What have you got for us, Freddie?" Carly said.

Freddie turned the camera to face him and said, "Well, guys, today is a new segment we got for you and it might be a weekly segment depending on how all of you out there like it. The segment is called 'Home Alone,' so here you go a video for all of you to watch."

Freddie pressed play on the video and on the screen popped up Sam and Carly sitting on the couch talking. They looked at it and realized it was a video of what they were doing this morning. They had been caught and now the video was going to be shown to all of the viewers...


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