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Author's note: this story takes place after Season 1.

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iZombie: Best Friend Brain Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Peyton Charles was reviewing her files on the Mr Boss case. Or at least that's what she should be doing. What she was being paid to do. But she wasn't. She felt guilty for it, but she couldn't stop thinking about what had been happening lately with her best friend Liv Moore. Not the fact that her closest friend was now a zombie, as amazingly that was now old news. Now Peyton was seriously worried she had ruined their friendship forever by allowing her stupid feelings to get in the way. Feeling she'd thought she'd buried a long time ago, but had been rekindled when she thought she had lost Liv when she had found that she was a zombie. When she found out Liv was still Liv she was so relieved that Peyton had kissed her, then Liv ate pining best friend brain and Peyton had taken advantage of her.

The sex had been incredible, maybe the best of Peyton's life, but she could never really enjoy the memory of it if it was what caused the end of their friendship, and that certainly seemed like that was the case. Things had been so awkward afterwards that Peyton had mumbled some lame excuse while quickly putting her clothes back on and then leaving, which she was pretty sure was the worst thing she could have done. She should have stayed and talked it out, but after the amazing sex they'd just had Peyton couldn't take the rejection. Or worse, Liv telling her everything she wanted to hear only to take it all back the next morning when the best friend brain finally wore off. Of course she had just been delaying the inevitable, and apparently Liv was doing the same because they hadn't spoken in over a week.

Until now, Peyton looking up when she heard a knock at her open door and her eyes going wide as she saw it was Liv, who gave her a shy smile and asked, "Can I come in?"

"Su, sure." Peyton stammered, frozen to the spot as she watched her best friend close her office door and slowly approach her.

As she was approaching Liv took a deep breath, "Look, I'm sorry I've been avoiding you, I just needed some time to think, and..."

"It's okay, I get it." Peyton said softly, analysing Liv's face, quickly coming to a conclusion and then desperately trying to act like her heart hadn't just been ripped out, "I've been avoiding you too. And... and it's fine. I get it. You're straight, that was a one time thing, etc, etc. So can we please just skip past the rejection and go back to being best friends?"

There was a long pause, which felt like an eternity to them both, and then Liv mumbled, "I'm... I'm not..."

Jumping to conclusions again Peyton frowned, "Not what? My friend anymore?"

"No, no... I'm not..." Liv said quickly, struggling to say the next part, "I'm not straight."

Peyton's eyes went wide, "Oh."

"Not exactly." Liv quickly clarified, "I'm definitely not gay, and no matter what you might believe I wouldn't have seduced you if I hadn't really wanted too. Flirted a little? Maybe. But I'm not an animal. I can control my urges. At least enough to stop myself having sex with someone I care about if it's not what we both want. You have to believe that Peyton."

There was a long pause and then Peyton said breathlessly, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying..." Liv said, slowly slipping around the desk so she was standing in front of Peyton, "Maybe we should give it a shot?"

"Oh..." Peyton murmured.

There was a brief pause, then Liv backtracked, "Unless you don't want too. Which I'd totally get. I mean we're great friends, and-"

Quickly cutting off that train of thought Peyton grabbed Liv's face and pulled it towards her while driving her own head forward so their lips crashed together. She almost smashed their teeth, and maybe their heads, together in the process, but she managed to stop the momentum just in time so instead she just firmly, but gently kissed her best friend. There was then a few terrifying seconds where Peyton thought that maybe Liv was second-guessing her words, and maybe even regretting them, as her undead friend remained motionless. Then she started kissing back, which made overwhelming relief and happiness full Peyton's body as for the next few minutes she made out with her best friend and long-time crush.

It was gentle at first. Maybe even loving. But the intensity gradually increased until Liv was pressing Peyton first up against her desk, then the wall and finally into her chair so she could straddle her. Liv Moore was sitting on her lap with her tongue literally down Peyton's throat! God, this was literally a dream come true. So much so Peyton had to pinch herself mid-kiss just to make sure she wasn't daydreaming. But no, it was real. Liv was making out with her in her office in the middle of the day, even becoming so bold as to squeeze one of Peyton's big boobs, causing Peyton to break the kiss with a sharp gasp. Not put off by this in the slightest Liv lean down and started kissing Peyton's neck, picking her eyelids flutter.

Then they kissed again, making out frantically for what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes, only ending when Peyton forced herself to pull back slightly and gasp, "I'm at work. I can't-"

"I want too! I want to fuck you right here in your office regardless of who might catch us. And you wanted too!" Liv growled, her eyes practically glazing over red as she threatened to go into Full Zombie mode. Then she forced herself to calm down as she sighed, "But you probably shouldn't."

"Right." Peyton gasped, unsure whether she wanted to fight to continue regardless of the consequences or not.

"I know how much this job means to you, and I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardise it." Liv said softly, soothing Peyton's libido with her words and, thanks to Liv's arms wrapped around her head, with a few gentle strokes to the back of her neck. Then Liv smiled flirtatiously, "Besides, if we're going to do this for real you should really buy me dinner first. Or I should buy you dinner. I'm not sure how this works."

"Me neither." Peyton admitted softly, "But considering your... dietary requirements maybe we should eat in."

"Oh, good call." Liv said, mentally slapping herself for not thinking it herself. Recovering she smiled flirtatiously again and offered, "So, maybe come to mine around seven-ish? I'll cook."

"Sounds good." Peyton smiled, welcoming Liv's face with her own in a brief kiss, before frowning, "Just don't mix up our food."

"I won't." Liv giggled, shoving Peyton gently before grinning wickedly, "But if I did, we'd realise pretty quickly."

"Thanks for that image." Peyton pouted, and then when Liv giggled again she huffed, "I take it back, I hate you."

"No you don't." Liv replied in a singsong voice, "You love me."

Suddenly things became very serious and the two girls just stared at each other for a long time before Peyton whispered, "Yeah, I do."

Which could have been disastrous, making things more serious now than they had to be, but luckily Liv took it well and simply kissed her again, taking Peyton's breath away. Then after a few long seconds of gentle kissing Liv pulled back slightly and said, "I really have to go, before one of us does something we might regret."

"Yeah, okay." Peyton replied glumly, receiving a cheer up kiss for her trouble, "Bye."

"Bye." Liv said, giving Peyton another kiss, "See you tonight?"

Peyton smiled, "If you ever get off of me."

"Yeah, you are really comfy. But..." Liv trailed off, pressing her lips firmly against Peyton's for a few long seconds as she got up and then broke it but didn't pull away, "I'm seriously going now."

"Okay." Peyton said softly, their foreheads almost pressing together as Liv pulled her lips away and slowly as possible before finally straightening up and heading for the door, "Bye."

"Bye." Liv turned back and smiled before reluctantly leaving Peyton to her work.

* * *

Liv had eaten the brains of more than one teenage girl at this point, which was a rather sad fact, but it made her feel better about her actions for the rest of the day and particularly leading up to seven o'clock. Well, it would help if she was currently on teenage girl brain, or maybe teenage boy brain given some of her thoughts, but she could tell herself there was some lingering after-effects or something. That was why she spent so much time picking out what she was going to wear, checking herself in the mirror and changing her mind about what she was wearing. And of course thinking of Peyton all day like, well, a lovesick teenager.

It was crazy. Well, everything about this situation was crazy, but specifically she had known Peyton her entire life, and really shouldn't be this nervous. Only, Peyton had been hiding part of herself, so did she really know her at all? And what if there were both messing up their relationship forever by trying to take it to another level. More importantly, what if Liv said or did something to mess it up? What if that thing she did was to turn Peyton into a zombie? What if she ruined her friends life just because she couldn't get this curiosity out of her head? Perhaps most importantly of all, what if Peyton ended up hating her for this?

That would be bad enough, but there were another set of thoughts echoing inside of Liv's mind which were a whole less wholesome than even what she was like on teenage girl brain. She had been going through a dry spell lately, ever since watching her last boyfriend die in front of her, and to go from 0 to 60 pretty much guaranteed that she would be thinking about sex no matter what, which was almost comforting. Because the current brain she was on was providing her with some very, very naughty thoughts, and considering this was their first official date Liv had to keep herself in check and not to push things too far. Then again Peyton had brought up the idea of Liv spanking her, which was suddenly very, very appealing.

All those thoughts echoed in her head throughout the day, but didn't stop Liv from getting ready like she planned, and answering the door with a smile promptly at seven and greeted her friend with, "Hey."

"Hey." Peyton smiled, one hand behind her back for some reason.

There was then an awkward pause, then Peyton looked at her expectantly and Liv quickly moved out the way, "Oh, right. Please, come in."

"Thanks." Peyton said, walking through the door, and turning so Liv wouldn't see what was behind her back. Then because she couldn't resist added, "It's okay, it's just me. I'm not a vampire, you don't have to say the words."

"Well, if you were a vampire you'd still be you." Liv said without thinking.

Quickly turning around Peyton protested, "I didn't mean to imply-"

"It's fine." Liv waved her off, quickly shutting and locking the door behind them, "This is going to take some getting used too."

"I hope so." Peyton said softly, earning her a little smile from the other girl.

"So, what ya got there?" Liv asked, indicating to Peyton's arm.

"Oh, it's, it's nothing. I... I..." Peyton stammered before reluctantly revealing the flower she had been hiding, and then after a brief pause grumbled, "It's stupid-"

"No! No, it sweet." Liv insisted firmly, moving forward into Peyton's personal space to grab the flower. She then briefly paused as she looked at her friend, then leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to her cheek, and then pulled back, "I'm just going to put this in some water, okay?"

"Okay." Peyton murmured, eyes watching Liv closely as she darted into the kitchen.

Quickly finding a little pot Liv put the flower in the middle of the table, before dishing up there very separate meals as they exchanged awkward small talk. The awkwardness wasn't surprising, given what a big step they were taking in their relationship, and again Liv's brain was going haywire, partly because of the brain she had eaten, and was eating now. Which was good, but it was making her hypersensitive of certain things, and really, really made her want to fuck Peyton again. In fact Liv was in the process of trying to find a good way to say that, when Peyton pretty much said the last thing she wanted to hear right now. And she did a poor job of hiding it.

"Maybe we should take it slow." Peyton suddenly blurted out.

"What?" Liv replied softly.

"You and me. Whatever this is. Maybe we should take it slow." Peyton clarified, and then when seeing the disappointed look on Liv's face argued, "I don't want too. God I don't want too. But we kind of just jumped into sex, you know? I've done that before, and it's not exactly the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. And I want this to, you know, last."

"Me too." Liv admitted softly.

"Right, so we're taking sex off the table for now." Peyton said with all the enthusiasm of a condemned woman.

"Yay." Liv mumbled in reply.

There was then a long pause and then Peyton asked, "So tell me about the brain you're eating?"

"Peyton!" Liv exclaimed.

"What? It's part of your life, and we should be able to talk about it." Peyton argued.

Liv considered this briefly, then said, "It's probably best you don't think about it."

"If it's a burden, I want to share it." Peyton pushed.

There was another pause, then Liv asked sceptically, and a little angrily, "You really want to know?"

"Yes." Peyton said.

"Fine." Liv huffed, "It's a 34-year-old business woman living the American dream, with a husband and two kids, and now she's dead and I'm eating her brain!"

There was a pause and then Peyton apologised, "Liv, I'm sorry. I-"

"It's fine." Liv lied, "It's just a little weird."

Peyton nodded, then asked, "Do you want to change the subject?"

"No, it's okay." Liv said softly.

"Are you sure?" Peyton asked, then when Liv nodded followed up with, "So, what did she do for a living?"

Liv gave a little shrug, then when Peyton was taking a sip of her wine answered, "She was a dominatrix."

Narrowly avoiding a cartoonish spit take Peyton choked on her wine, put the glass down and asked, "Really?"

"Really." Liv asked with a grinned, before asking with false innocents, "Does that bother you?"

"N, no." Peyton blushed, before insisting, "No! It's just... I... I, erm, had any interesting visions yet?"

"A few." Liv admitted, leaning back in her chair and taking a long sip of wine while staring intently at Peyton before continuing, "Mostly not relevant to the case. What's really interesting though, is her observational skills."

"Oh?" Peyton mumbled with a little blush, feeling worried where this was going.

"Take what you're wearing for example." Liv said, taking another sip, "Whereas I went for a dress, you chose pants and a business suit. It's cute, and just about passable, but it looks more like you're going to an interview, instead of a date."

"I just-" Peyton began.

"You what? Thought you downplay the fact you're a girl? Like I could ever forget?" Liv questioned, letting out a small laugh while twirling her glass around, "Just look at you Peyton. You've got the body of a goddess, and you're second-guessing whether I could find that appealing just because I'm new to this. Honestly, I'm not sure whether to be offended, or flattered."

There was a pause, then Peyton sighed, "I just... I-"

"It's okay, I get it. You're heart was in the right place." Liv reassured, "But still, maybe I should spank you for it."

There was a little pause, and then Peyton laughed softly and nervously. Then when Liv kept staring at her intently she asked, "Really?"

"Well, you were the one who bought it up, remember?" Liv pointed out, "And you might be surprised just how many of my current brain's clients were lawyers. Or people in similar high-paying jobs. Which I know, is a stereotype, but it's a stereotype for a reason. With that kind of job there's always a lot of stress, hard work, a need for control. So letting go can be incredibly relaxing. Is that what you want Peyton? To relax?"

Peyton gulped, then after the longest pause yet she asked, "So she was a hooker?"

Liv frowned, "What?"

"Your current brain? Was she a whore?" Peyton asked nervously, before becoming more firm, "Because I know some people like to think it doesn't count if there's no penetration, but legally speaking, if her clients paid for her time, she was still their whore."

There was another pause, then Liv took a long sip of her wine, and then slowly got up and walked round the table until she was standing in front of Peyton, "Did you say that to piss me off?"

"Maybe." Peyton admitted.

"Because you want to be spanked?" Liv said more than asked, then when Peyton opened her mouth she quickly added, "Yes, or no."

Peyton stared at her friend for a long moment, and then admitted softly, "Yes."

Another pause and then Liv ordered, "Get on your knees."

Peyton scrambled to obey, kneeling down in front of Liv and then looking up at her expectantly. For a few long seconds Liv just stared at her, then she took a few paces backwards before going back to staring at Peyton. After maybe about a full minute of debating it Peyton shuffled forwards until she was in front of Liv, breathing a soft sigh of relief when her friend offered up no form of protest. There was another long pause, and then Liv slowly started circling Peyton, obviously building up the tension and anticipation. And God, was it working, Peyton struggling to think of another time she had been so excited and nervous at the same time. She was also struggling not to say something like she assumed Liv wanted.

"You look good on your knees." Liv said almost casually as she came to stop in front of Peyton, "You know that, right? Mmmmm, especially in that prim and proper little suit of yours. Tell me Peyton, do you wear this in court?"

"Sometimes." Peyton admitted.

"Huh, how many times do you think all those men in that courtroom have imagine seeing you just like this?" Liv asked teasingly, reaching out to play with the other girl's hair, "Prim and proper little Peyton Charles, on her knees before them in her finest business suit, ready to suck some cock? Huh? Tell me!"

"I don't know." Peyton blushed slightly, before admitting with a little smile, "Probably a lot."

Liv smirked, "I bet you like that, don't you? All those men dreaming about having you like that, when they know they never will. Not that I could blame them. You look really good with a cock in your mouth Peyton. Mmmmm, I remember. I remember how you looked when you were sucking my cock. Sucking your own cum off my cock like a little slut! Mmmmm, it's making me want to go get my cock so you can suck it for me. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, you'd like that, wouldn't you Peyton? For me to go and get my nice big cock so you can suck it? Get it nice and ready for your cunt? And then suck it again? Huh? Is that what you want?"

"Yes." Peyton whimpered, "I'd love to suck your cock!"

"Me too. But do you know what else I'd love?" Liv asked, stepping forward so that her crotch was almost directly in Peyton's face, "I'd like your mouth somewhere else. Would you like that too?"

"Yes." Peyton said softly, "But-"

"We can't. I know." Liv said softly, moving back and then leaning down to stroke Peyton's face, "I wish we could, but it's too big a risk. So I was thinking, instead of taking things slow, how about we do the exact opposite of that and try some BDSM fun on our first date?"

"Sounds like a really bad idea." Peyton grinned, "I'm in."

"Good." Liv smiled, leaning in to press a quick kiss to Peyton's lips before straightening up again and firmly ordering, "Then bend over. I want to give you that spanking you wanted so bad. Oh, for the rest of the night you should probably call me Mistress."

"Yes Mistress." Peyton said, standing up and then starting to bend over the table, before pausing and turning back to her friend, "Actually, speaking of bad ideas... I have a really, really bad idea."

Liv raised an eyebrow, and then because she just couldn't resist asked, "Bad? Or naughty?"

"Both." Peyton confessed with another chuckle, "Definitely both."

* * *

"Wow, this really is a bad idea." Liv almost laughed as they stepped into Peyton's office building.

"I know." Peyton chuckled softly as she locked the door and turned back to her date, "But I'm fairly certain that no one's working late tonight, at least not here, and... well... I just couldn't stop thinking about you bending me over my own desk and having your wicked way with me."

"And now I will." Liv smiled softly, Peyton returning it before turning to head in the direction of her office. Liv thought about just letting her go, but she couldn't resist snapping, "What do you think you're doing?"

Peyton turned back and frowned in confusion, "Erm, going to my office?"

"Without my permission?" Liv pointed out, "And you're forgetting my proper title already."

"I, I... I thought we were putting that on hold for the journey." Peyton argued, blushing and stammering a little.

"We were. Now we're hear." Liv said flatly, before prompting her friend, "Soooo..."

For a few long seconds Peyton just stared at the zombie, then lowered her head and mumbled, "I'm sorry Mistress."

"That's better. But your disobedience cannot go unpunished." Liv said sternly, "Get on your knees."

"What, here?" Peyton asked automatically, before Liv gave her a look which quickly changed her tune and had her dropping down to her knees as she softly replied, "I mean yes Mistress."

Liv just stared at the taller girl, which she had just bought down to size, for a while before ordering her, "Now, we can go to your office. NO! Don't get up. I want you to crawl."

"No, I..." Peyton stammered, already halfway to getting up before she quickly got back down, lowered her head again and apologised, "I'm sorry Mistress, but... but my office is on the top floor."

"Which is why I'm going to allow you the privilege of taking the elevator." Liv informed her, "As long as you don't continue to complain."

Briefly Peyton just stared at the other girl again, then she gulped, "Yes Mistress."

Then Peyton hesitantly lowered her hands down until she was in the all fours position, and then slowly began crawling across the thankfully freshly cleaned floor that she walked through every day. Oh God, she was crawling up on her hands and knees through the building where she worked, in one of her best business suits, her cheeks flushing bright red with the humiliation of it. Much to her horror was also turning her on, especially knowing this visit was being recorded. Thankfully she could erase the footage, and if she couldn't she had always claimed she had lost a bet or something. Most importantly of all, there were no cameras inside her office, so no one would see what Liv was really going to do to her. What Peyton wanted her to do to her. Possibly including what she hadn't been able to tell Liv she wanted yet.

At first Liv walked behind her, so Peyton tried her best to swing her hips seductively while crawling, wanting to give her date the best view possible of her butt to entice her to spank it. Also just to fuck her, although given the looks Liv was giving her that wouldn't be a problem. Then Liv made a point of walking just in front of her, making Peyton truly feel like an animal following it's Master's heels. What really emphasise that feeling was being in the elevator, in which Peyton nervously took a break from being on her hands and knees by lifting herself up into a kneeling position. Liv stared at her for a long moment, then smiled and patted her head. Which again, excited her a lot more than was decent.

Once they finally reached her office Peyton felt a flood of relief that Liv closed and locked the door behind them. Sure, they hadn't seen anyone, and again it was unlikely they would, but she definitely appreciated the precaution. Peyton almost immediately got up and bent herself over her desk, but the look that Liv was giving her convinced her to remain on her hands and knees and await further instructions. Quickly confirming this was the correct cause of action Liv smiled proudly at her, then slowly poured herself a glass of Peyton's best Scotch, sat down on her couch and then slowly began drinking it while looking her in the eye, daring her to complain.

When she had drunk half of the liquid courage Liv ordered, "Crawl over to me and kiss my feet."

"Yes Mistress." Peyton said submissively, again delighting way too much in acting this way.

Liv also felt she enjoyed this way too much, but her indecent lust was silencing the voice in her head which told her this was something she shouldn't be doing to her best friend turned something more, especially not on their first date. The visual of the dignified lawyer Peyton Charles crawling around in her own office and literally kissing her feet was just too erotic. Well, her boots. Which was definitely more BDSM, but Liv quickly grew curious about how Peyton's lips would feel against her bare feet. Feet were supposed to be erogenous, and while the visual was definitely doing it for her Liv couldn't stop thinking about taking this grovelling a step further.

So eventually Liv ordered, "Good girl, now take off my heels so you can kiss my feet more directly."

"Yes Mistress." Peyton said again, her heart fluttering at being told she was pleasing her Mistress.

Impressively Peyton didn't rush removing Liv's shoes, instead taking them off one by one, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of each one after removing each shoe before placing them neatly down beside the couch and then beginning to truly worship Liv's feet. It was a great sign of respect, and almost turned Liv on as much as the foot worship itself. Almost. But wow, it felt really great to have Peyton's lips travelling over her bare feet, especially when the other girl cautiously took her toe into her mouth, the soft moan Liv leting out encouraging Peyton to do the same throughout the toes before going back to kissing all over her feet.

After allowing this to go on for perhaps longer than she should have Liv ordered, "Now tell me exactly what you want me to do to you."

"I, I want you to spank me Mistress." Peyton admitted hesitantly with a blush, before really getting into the begging, "I want you to bend me over my own desk and spank my naughty little ass. Spank my ass bright red! Spank it so hard I can't sit for a week! Spank it until I beg for mercy, then spank it some more! Spank it hard, and then fuck it."

"What?" Liv murmured, taken off-guard, "You mean, anal?"

Peyton blushed furiously, then without looking up at Liv mumbled, "Not if you don't want too."

"Do you want too?" Liv pushed.

"Well..." Peyton began hesitantly, "It does suit this whole dominatrix thing you've got going on, and our options are limited, but honestly... I've been fantasising about it ever since you came to my office. I mean, tons of guys have tried to talk me into it, but I never thought I'd actually do it. Well, unless it was the guy I was going to marry, and even then only as a special treat, or because I screwed up. But, to just give it up to you on our first date? God, that's so fucking slutty, and hot, and it just drove me crazy thinking about it. You know? But we don't have to do it if you think it's gross, and honestly I have no idea whether I'd even like it, and AH FUCK!"

While Peyton was rambling Liv quickly finished her drink and then reached down to grab a handful of brunette hair and yanked it backwards, pulling the other girl into a kneeling position and leaning down so their faces were inches apart. She then faked to look of anger, then briefly of disgust, then finally Liv allowed a wicked smile to cross her face. Which she briefly felt guilty for, given that Peyton had looked so worried, but the brain was screaming at her that this was the right thing to do, and at moments like this it was hard for her not to follow those instincts. In fact it felt really, really good just to give in, which was why she suddenly had the craving to do something she would have never consider doing otherwise, namely to sodomise another girl.

"God Peyton, I had no idea that you were such a slut." Liv smiled while sliding a finger teasingly over her friend's face, before becoming stern, "Beg me. Look me in the eye and beg me to fuck your ass!"

The way that Liv emphasised those last few words sent heat straight to Peyton's core, forcing the lawyer to close her eyes and whimper for a second, before opening them again looking the zombie in her thankfully her normal-looking eyes and telling her, "Please fuck my ass. Please Liv, I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please ass fuck me, please AH FUCK!"

Roughly yanking her friend's hair again Liv yelled in Peyton's face, "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?"

It took a few long seconds for Peyton's lust clouded mind to realise what Liv meant, then she quickly whimpered, "I'm sorry Mistress! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to forget your proper title, I was just so horny that I wasn't thinking clearly."

"Horny because of the idea of little old me, your best friend, bending you over your own desk so I can spank you and then take your anal cherry?" Liv clarified.

"YES! Yes Mistress, I can barely think straight thinking about you bending me over my own desk so you can spank my naughty little ass and then fuck it!" Peyton blurted out, "It's all I can think about right now, and I've been thinking about it for days. No, I'm sorry Mistress, that's not true. I've been thinking about it for years. Mmmmm, every so often I would think about you either spanking me, or fucking me up the butt, or both, but ever since you came into my office it's all I've been able to think about. And it's all I want right now. Please Mistress Liv, spank and fuck my ass. I want it to be you, my best friend, who does those things to me. Only you."

"Awww, so sweet. But for now, just call me Mistress, not Mistress Liv." Liv ordered, then waited expectantly.

"Yes Mistress." Peyton replied after a brief hesitation.

"I'm not sure you deserve everything you want though, not after being so slutty and disobedient." Liv said thoughtfully, pretending to think it over in her head before grinning, "I know... we'll see just how well you take your spanking. Then I'll see if I'm feeling generous enough to do anything to that nasty little butt hole of yours!"

After the words 'I know' there was a brief pause as Liv stood up and walked over to Peyton's desk, dragging her best friend with her by the hair. Peyton cried out in pain at this, but didn't resist. Not even when Liv shoved her face down over the desk. Then, after finishing her speech, Liv moved back to admire the sight in front of her. She wasn't sure of Peyton replied 'yes Mistress' like a good little sub, and she wasn't sure it mattered. All that really mattered to Liv at that moment was staring at Peyton's butt, and then after a few long seconds having the ability to reach out and touch it. And more importantly, squeeze and grope it, all while Peyton did nothing but whimper with obvious delight and anticipation.

Peyton had to dig her fingers into her own desk to stop herself from trembling with anticipation, and admittedly nervousness. After all, she just admitted her dirtiest fantasies to her best friend, and now they were about to do them on their first date. So this was either going to be super hot, or it was going to totally blow up in her face and cost her the chance to actually be with Liv. And maybe even just Liv. God, Peyton couldn't imagine anything worse than completely losing the most important relationship in her life. The most important person in her life. Really it was stupid to take the risk, but she couldn't help it. She had taken the gamble she thought she never would, and now she could only wait to see what the consequences would be.

One of those consequences was waiting for what felt like an eternity as Liv groped her ass, which was frustrating, but it was also humiliating, and Peyton couldn't help enjoying it now she had tapped into this incredibly submissive side of herself. To add to the frustration Liv suddenly let go of her butt, took a few steps back, and then slowly walked over to her bag. Just as Peyton was about to complain Liv turned back around, pulling what looked like a riding crop out of her little bag. Which in turn made Peyton gulp and blush, and then remind herself she had literally asked for this. Which again, she may soon regret, just maybe not in the way she thought she might.

"What? Didn't think I was going to spank you with my hand, did you?" Liv smirked, slowly returning to her place behind her best friend, "I'd never do that to you Peyton. I mean, I want to satisfy your filthy little fantasies, but not if it means turning you into a zombie. Now, just relax baby. I'm going to make your naughty little dreams come true."

With that Liv slammed the riding crop down onto Peyton's butt, causing her to cry out. This process was then repeated over and over again, and even though the following blows were nowhere near as hard as the first Peyton still found herself crying out, mostly at the shock that this was actually happening to her. That her best friend was actually spanking her on their first date, while she was bent over her own desk no less, that fact echoing in her head to the point where she couldn't think of anything else for a few minutes. Well, that and how much it hurt. Then she became aware of something else, something embarrassing, and the worst part of it was that Liv's enhanced instincts made her aware of it almost at the exact same time.

"Take off your pants!" Liv suddenly ordered, stopping the spanking momentarily, minus one hard strike when Peyton didn't reply while trying to do as she was told, "What do you say?"

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress!" Peyton whimpered, before slowly undoing her pants and pulled them down, slowly revealing her ass before letting the fabric drop down around her ankles.

It was a risk Peyton was sure she was going to be punished for, but it seemed Liv liked this teasing, and was happy to return the favour by sliding her right hand over Peyton's sore and still pantie covered cheeks, before reaching in between her legs and discovering the embarrassing truth, which made Liv laugh, "Wow, you really are enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress." Peyton croaked with a furious blush, and then moan softly as for a few long seconds Liv began rubbing her embarrassingly wet pussy through her panties.

Then Liv pulled her hand away, grabbed onto Peyton's panties and slowly pull them down, mentioning as she dropped them down to her ankles, "Sorry Peyton, but you really have been a bad girl. So I think this is definitely going to have to be a bare bottom spanking."

Again Peyton blushed, and then after a little hesitation said, "What ever you think is best Mistress."

"Good answer." Liv chuckled, straightening up and restarting the spanking.

Initially it was just like before, slow and methodical, but not too rough, giving Peyton plenty of time to wallow in the humiliation of it. Then instead of covering the whole butt Liv started concentrating on just one spot at a time, which intensified the pain. Then after that she would suddenly give an extra hard strike to the other cheek, making Peyton cry out extra loudly. Finally Liv started increasing the force of the blows, eventually using what had to be every ounce of her strength, or at least her human strength, to beat Peyton's butt. Then it became inhumanly hard, and somehow Peyton was enjoying it, even though at that point she was crying and yelping hysterically.

Liv felt guilty throughout the spanking, especially because she was enjoying it just as much as Peyton was. No, she was enjoying it more. She had to be. After all, it wasn't her butt getting savagely beaten. Yet somehow she could still smell Peyton's arousal, and it was driving her crazy. Like, literally. She could feel the urge to go Full Zombie rising, and while she fought it off for as long as she could she became increasingly worried she was going to lose control and really hurt her best friend. Or worse, make her like her, or end up eating her brain, and Liv wasn't sure she could live with herself if she did either of those things, especially the latter.

So as she began to really get going Liv growled in an inhuman voice, "Remember your safe word!"

Had they even discussed that? Liv had meant too, but she couldn't remember now. It didn't really matter, Peyton could always tell her to stop, and she would. She would! Although Peyton didn't show her the respect of replying, and use her proper title, and she hadn't used it on a few occasions, which was all the excuse that Liv needed at that moment to deliver some serious damage to her friend's derriere. Also there was the fact that Peyton's butt was just so God damn perfect, annoyingly so, and even more now it was beautifully jiggling with every strike, and turning first a cute pink and then a beautiful red, Liv's mouth literally watering with lust. Or was that from something else?

Pretty much losing complete control Liv could feel her eyes glazing over red as she started using her enhanced strength to brutalise her best friend's bottom. Somehow Peyton still didn't beg for mercy, but she did scream in pain, so loudly that if there had been anyone in the building they would have definitely heard her, and Liv wouldn't be surprised if the whole state could hear her. Yet still, Liv spanked Peyton's ass. She told herself it was because she sensed her friends arousal, and because Peyton hadn't asked her to stop, both of which were true, but Liv was worried that the main reason was more primal and evil than that, and that she wouldn't stop when asked. Luckily she was wrong.

"STOP! STOP! PLEASE STOP!" Peyton screamed at the top of her lungs, and then whimpered when she got her wish, "Thank you Mistress."

Feeling her eyes returned to normal and her body relax Liv was overcome with relief that when it came down to it she managed to stop herself. That was quickly replaced by guilt as she watched her best friend collapsed down onto the desk in a whimpering mess, her butt a dark, bruised red. Yet still, Liv could smell, and practically taste, how wet Peyton was, although at this point she was wondering whether that was a justifiable excuse for what she had just done. Trying to make up for it Liv lent down so she could wrap her arms around Peyton and hug her from behind, just holding her for a little while as she cooing softly in her ear.

"It's okay, I got you." Liv whispered that and other things like it over and over again for a few minutes, before finally asking, "Still want me to butt fuck you?"

"Yes Mistress." Peyton replied without hesitation.

Liv wasn't sure that was a good idea, especially given what she had just done to Peyton's ass, but she was too horny not to, so she got into the practicality of it, "You know I didn't bring any lube, so we're going to have to use natural lubricant."

"Natural?" Peyton murmured, before blaming her fuzzy brain for what she'd just said as Liv guided a hand down between her legs, "Oh."

"I can't be the one to do it." Liv said softly, "It has to be you. Like with your sweet little cunt, the risk would just be too great. Even with gloves. So it has to be you. You have to, you know... finger your virgin butt hole and get it nice and ready for my big cock."

Most of that was pure Liv, but the last part was so dirty and confident it made Peyton whimper before she hesitantly replied, "Okay."

"And make it good for me." Liv demanded softly, "Seduce me with your ass. Make me want to fuck it."

After a brief hesitation Peyton rushed to reply, "Yes Mistress."

Peyton had very nearly forgotten that part again, and she was pretty sure she didn't say it a few times during that conversation, but hopefully that was understandable as she was just so overwhelmed by all this. Sure, she had fantasised about this, especially recently, but to be actually doing something so naughty, and in this place and in this time, oh God, it was just so much. Plus for the most of that conversation Liv was guiding her hand up and down her soaking wet pussy, reminding her just how much she had got off at being spanked, and proving that Liv knew it. And of course it was giving her pleasure, which was making hard to think.

On the bright side it made it easy to start the 'seducing of Liv' as all she really had to do was continue to rub herself, and lean forward slightly so her best friend could get a better view, especially when she slipped a finger inside herself, causing Peyton to moan loudly. She was so horny that she could have easily got herself off, and it was very tempting just to do so and leave the anal for another day. Or maybe even never. But she kind of already committed to the idea, and she wasn't sure if there would be retaliation from her Mistress if she backed out. So Peyton slipped another finger into her pussy, made sure that was well coated with cream, and then moved onto her other, smaller hole.

Doing her best to spread her cheeks so Liv could get the best possible view Peyton just circled her butt hole with her finger for a little bit, before slowly pushing in, making her let out a tiny sound of pain and pleasure in the process. She sometimes did this when she was really horny, and with a few fingers in her cunt it could really get Peyton off, but as it was self-inflicted, and so small, she didn't count it as losing her anal virginity, and the thought of Liv being the one to take it easily allowed Peyton to push past any pain and bury her finger into her ass. She even got the second one up her butt, after a few minutes of gently pumping the first finger in and out of course.

It felt kind of weird to do this without touching her cunt with her other hand, but again she was using it to spread her cheeks for Liv, which certainly seemed to pay off as after a lot of watching intently Liv slowly retrieved her strap-on from her bag, opting to hike up her dress to strap it onto herself so they were both semi-clothed for this, which for Peyton just made this whole thing even nastier. Which made her love it even more. God, they really were going to do this. Her best friend was going to butt fuck her on their first date. Take her anal cherry! Oh God, Liv was about to pop her anal cherry while she was bent over her own desk on their very first date together. Which should have been terrifying and horrifying, but Peyton just couldn't wait.

"Please Mistress, fuck me!" Peyton whimpered as she watched Liv spit onto her hand and rub it into the cock as she approached, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my virgin ass! Oh God Liv, Mistress! Take my anal cherry. I... I want you to be the one to do it. Mmmmm, I want my best friend to be the first to slide a cock into my butt hole. Please Mistress, take that hole and make it yours! Make me your little anal slut! Please? Butt fuck me over my own fucking desk! I want my best friend to butt fuck me while I'm bent over my own desk and my pants are around my ankles. I want to go to work tomorrow, and every single day, thinking how you bent me over my own desk and did such nasty things to my butt. Mmmmm, and every time I sit down, especially when I sit at my desk, I want to think of you. I want to think how you took my ass and made it yours. I want my ass to ache with pain because you fucked it so hard, but I also want my ass to ache to have you use it again. And I want you to use it again. I want you to use it whenever you want, treated as your personal fuck hole, because you made it yours! Mmmmm, please Liv, my Mistress, make my ass yours!"

"Shut up and give me that ass!" Liv growled.

Liv watched with amazement as Peyton pulled her fingers out of her ass and then use both her hands to spread her cheeks as wide as possible. Just watching Peyton finger her own ass had been weird enough, but could she really do this? Could she really butt fuck her best friend? Especially with the dildo currently strapped around her waist, which felt big inside her pussy, but looked massive compared to Peyton's tiny little ass hole. That tiny little ass hole which had never been fucked before. Which Peyton was offering on their first date. Which was mind boggling, but Liv couldn't deny it was bizarrely hot, and she found herself staring at her best friend's butt hole for way too long, proven by the clearing of Peyton's throat.

Peyton then looked over her shoulder and nervously started, "Liv? Is this... are you-"

"Just admiring the view." Liv said quickly to try and put her friend at ease.

"Well stop admiring and start fucking." Peyton grumbled, "I wouldn't offer this to just anyone, you know?"

"Yeah, you've made that clear." Liv murmured with a little smile as she moved forward, "And who am I to turn down such an offer?"

With that Liv pressed the tip of her strap-on against her best friend's virgin rosebud and began slowly pushing forwards. She stopped almost immediately when Peyton let out a little gasp and tensed up, but as her friend quickly relaxed Liv cautiously continued, and to her amazement that incredibly tight anal ring slowly began stretching for her. It was obscene, and Liv should have really found it gross and disgusting, just like when Peyton had been fingering her ass, but she didn't. No, she found it really hot. Although it had nothing on the moment that virgin back hole stretched wide enough to allow Liv's strap-on to slide through it and into Peyton's butt, meaning that Liv had officially taken her best friend's anal virginity.

Understandably this caused Peyton to cry out in pain, which was why Liv gave her plenty of time to relax, ending when the lawyer whined, "More! Give me more. I can take it. I swear. Oh fuck!"

Taking her friend's word for it Liv began pushing more cock into Peyton's ass hole, the entire time listening very carefully to the sounds coming out of the other girl's mouth to see if she was giving her too much. It wasn't easy, partly because Peyton was proving to be as stubborn as always as she was hiding, or at least downplaying, whatever pain she might feel and emphasising whatever twisted enjoyment she got from forcing her body to submit to this violation. Or at least Liv guess that Peyton was exaggerating it. That wasn't the only problem though. Liv desperately wished it was, but the most distracting thing about all of this was her own enjoyment.

It made Liv feel incredibly guilty, but she just couldn't help it. Like with the anal fingering and the penetration itself what should have been gross, disturbing and completely off-putting was an indecent turn on for the zombie. Liv just couldn't take her eyes off the sight of that big dildo slowly disappearing inch by inch into Peyton's butt hole, which she got a perfect view of thanks to Peyton continuing to spread her cheeks. It was just so, hot. Even kind of beautiful, in it's own way. Which was a disturbing thing to think, but Liv just couldn't help it. She became lost in this perverted act, and was terrified that she was about to go into Full Zombie mode and tear Peyton's poor little ass hole apart, breaking her promise not to hurt her. But Peyton had talked her into this, and now she just couldn't stop.

Peyton didn't want Liv to stop. Not until every inch of that big strap-on cock was up her butt, so her best friend had officially taken her ass cherry on their first date. Which was something more perverted and kinky than Peyton had ever dreamt, and she had dreamt about this a lot. Perhaps not as much as she thought about other things, but once she had cross the line and started thinking about fucking her best friend her mind had pretty much mapped out their relationship from start to finish, which included having anal sex on their one-year anniversary. She'd have to talk Liv into it of course, just like she had in real life, and that she'd imagined starting to talk Liv into it weeks in advance of the date, not on their first date.

That Peyton had become the kind of slut that would give up her ass on the first date was driving her wild, especially as this was the one person she'd be that slutty with. Which was why she probably enjoyed every second of the anal penetration. Well, there was pain, absolutely, especially on the official moment that Liv had popped her anal cherry, but the mental high of doing something so slutty on their first date with her best friend completely overwhelmed what pain she was feeling and turned it into a mild discomfort. Or maybe she was just a natural ass whore, which seemed like more and more of a possibility with every inch which that was easily buried in her rectum. It was a really embarrassing possibility, Peyton's face spread red with shame pretty much throughout the sodomy, but somehow that only added to her perverted enjoyment.

What was even more embarrassing was that when Liv suddenly stopped Peyton desperately pleaded, "No give me more!"

Liv blushed and pointed out, "There is no more to give you."

It took a few long seconds for Peyton to come out of her lustful haze to realise that Liv's thighs were now pressed against her butt cheeks, meaning every inch of that dildo was buried within her rectum. Which made her blush, both at her lack of realisation, and just how easily she had taken it. After all she was a lawyer for God sakes, she should be smarter than this. But then again maybe she should forgive herself as this was an overwhelming situation. One which had felt like it took forever, and yet at same time only seconds. What she couldn't forgive herself for was how easily she had taken it. And when there wasn't more to take, she still wanted more. And failing that, she just wanted to be fucked.

"Then fuck me." Peyton said softly after only a few seconds pause.

"But Peyton-" Liv began.

"I said fuck me!" Peyton snapped, before looking over her shoulder and apologetically telling her friend, "I'm sorry Liv, I just... I want it. I need it. Please, give it to me? Fuck my ass. Fuck my tight little ass like the slut I am."

There was a few long seconds pause as Liv just stared at her in disbelief, then she began doing as she was told, slowly pulling the dildo about halfway out of Peyton's ass before pushing it back in, causing Peyton to moan happily in the process. Then as Liv started pumping her hips back and forth, officially giving Peyton her first ever butt fucking, Peyton continued moaning. She also groaned, gasped whimpered and cried out, not in a mixture of pain and pleasure but of pure pleasure, the tremendous mental high of being bent over her own desk and fucked up the butt by her best friend on their first date enough to loosen her rectum to the point where Peyton felt nothing but pleasure.

If Peyton was on trial she could point out these extreme circumstances as the reason she enjoyed anal so much right from the get go, and maybe she'd even argue that to Liv if she asked about this later. Although Peyton suspected that it would be a fairly weak argument, as all it would take was one more butt fucking, or ideally a whole lot of them, to prove what was now so obvious. That Peyton was an anal slut, and had been wasting her life by denying her boyfriends her butt hole. No! She was right all along, they weren't worthy of that honour. Only her best friend was. Yes, this was amazing, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as amazing if it wasn't her best friend Liv Moore giving Peyton her first ever ass fucking.

Soon Peyton was aching to cum, but she held back from begging for as long as she could just so the sodomy would last longer and she could enjoy more of this perverted pleasure. Sadly it wasn't long after that the perverted pleasure became almost torturous, Peyton desperately trying to gently decrease what she was feeling, but it was no use. Everything she tried backfired. Especially closing her eyes, as that just made what she was feeling more intense. Then she was taking her hands off her cheeks, but while she was no longer giving her best friend the best view of her stretching ass hole she was still giving that forbidden hole to her, and the feeling of Liv's thighs smacking into her juicy cheeks was equally overwhelming. And trying to imagine she was somewhere else was useless, because this was literally a dream come true and Peyton's mind wanted to be nowhere else.

"Harder!" Peyton inevitably whimpered, "Fuck my ass harder! Please? Please Mistress, mmmmmm, fuck my ass harder. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, it feels so good. I can't believe it feels this good! Oh fuck, I love it in the ass! I love having you fucking me in my ass, ooooooooh, and I want you to fuck it harder! Please Liv, my wonderful Mistress, ram my ass! Ram my little ass hole hard and deep and make me cum! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd Liv, please make me cum! I need to cum so bad. I'll do anything. I'll be your little ass whore, your butt slut, your anal slave, whatever, just fuck me and make me cum! Pound fuck my butt hole and make it your personal fuck hole! Please? Make my ass yours! Make me yours! Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkk, make me your little bitch who loves it up the butt! Oooooooooh God Liv, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, I'm gonna, yessssssssss, fuck me, oh Liv, oh Mistress! I, I ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooh fuck! Oooooooooh shit! aaaaaahhhhhhh Liv, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Finally Liv started increasing the pace, almost immediately forcing Peyton to shut up as she was overwhelmed by just the tiniest bit of increase. She tried her best to push through it, just so she could be sure Liv would make her cum, but she became increasingly incoherent until the only sounds out of her mouth were the occasional swearword and the constant screams of pleasure. For better or for worse she also tried to hold back her orgasm, but it was rushing towards her like a freight train and couldn't even be slowed down at that point. No, there was no more stopping it, and when her climax hit she pretty much became completely mindless.

She stayed that way as that first anally induced orgasm was quickly followed by a second, third, fourth and so on, Liv working tirelessly to make sure Peyton had as many climaxes as possible, which made Peyton fall even more in love with her. Peyton wouldn't have thought that was possible, but then again she wouldn't have thought it was possible to cum this hard and frequently, and she was happy to be proven wonderfully wrong about that. Although maybe she shouldn't have been surprised at this point, as everything with Liv succeeded her expectations. Peyton just hoped with her last coherent thought that she could somehow talk her best friend into ass fucking her again, because Peyton would give anything for this not to be a one time thing.

Liv definitely didn't want that. No, she wanted to butt fuck her best friend forever. Which on some level she knew wasn't possible, but in this moment it almost felt within reach. See, shortly after Liv had started cautiously increasing the pace Peyton had lifted her upper body upwards and started hammering her own ass back against Liv's already increasingly hard thrusts. As a result not only did the anal sex become ridiculously hard, but Peyton's juicy ass cheeks began jiggling twice as much as they had before against Liv's thighs and the sound of their flesh smacking together echoed throughout the room, and probably throughout the whole building, almost as loudly as Peyton screams of pleasure, making it clear to anyone who might still be here that someone was fucking the hell out of Peyton Charles.

That someone was Liv Moore, and she wasn't just fucking the hell out of Peyton Charles, she was brutalising her ass hole like she owned it. Like it was nothing but a fuck hole for her to use for her pleasure. That thought along with Peyton's earlier words, the brain she was on, and the sheer joy of sodomising the most important woman in her life made Liv berserk, her eyes turning red as she began using every ounce of her supernatural strength to perhaps literally destroy her best friend's butt hole. And through it all Peyton just hysterically screamed in pleasure, seemingly tried to beg for more, and came for her, which just pushed Liv to continue.

All that combined with the stimulator on her clit insured Liv came repeatedly too. Not quite as hard as Peyton, although the only reason she didn't shake and scream hysterically was probably because of the fact that she had slipped into Full Zombie mode. Her cum still squirted out of her cunt, just not as frequently or as violently as Peyton. Also unlike Peyton she was barely aware of it, because for once Liv was in Full Zombie mode but she wasn't lost to her hunger, or desperate need to survive. No, she just desperately needed to butt fuck her best friend, and her body no longer cared what she had to do, or whatever she did to Peyton's most private hole, to do it.

While she was in Full Zombie mode Liv had no sense of how much time passed, but it felt like a lot when she finally came back to herself, and that was only because despite her all-consuming desire to anally pound Peyton forever there really was a limit to what she could do, even in Full Zombie mode. As a result she return to consciousness lying on the back of her equally exhausted friend, suddenly terrified she had damaged her ass hole beyond repair. That they were about to have a humiliating trip to the doctors only to learn that humiliation was for nothing because Peyton's ass hole was now ruined beyond repair. Or worse, that she had accidentally scratched her friend, Liv straining herself up and frantically searching her friend's body for any tell-tale marks which proved she had ruined Peyton's life, and thankfully finding none.

Not that it made up for what she had just done, Liv whimpering apology as soon as Peyton stirred, "Peyton, I'm so, so sorry."

"For what?" Peyton groaned, still slowly coming too, "That was amazing."

"Yeah?" Liv questioned.

"Yeah." Peyton confirmed, finally opening her eyes and looking back at Liv with a dreamy smile.

"Oh." Liv smiled a little bashfully, "I was worried I'd hurt you."

"Not in a way I didn't like." Peyton chuckled softly.

Liv blushed a little, then pressed herself down more firmly so her boobs were pressed into Peyton's back, rotated her hips so the dildo within Peyton's bowels churned her insides, and then with a wicked smile Liv softly murmured into Peyton's ear, "So, what do you want to do for our second date?"


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